Friday, October 17, 2008

The Home Page

So...I'm not a writer. However, seeing as how most of Drew's family lives thousands of miles away and my family isn't nearly close enough, I thought it would behoove me to create a blog. Something the family could check in to at their leisure to see exactly what it is we're up to. So thats what this is...your window into our world. :) 
And now the run-down:
Cash is continuously growing...mostly his cheeks and chins (yes, in plural), but also his personality. I catch him laughing at the Ellen Degeneres show - mostly when she's dancing, he thinks Drew is hilarious and his little face lights up every time he sees him, and if you try to take that bottle away before he's done (regardless of whether there's anything left) all heck breaks loose. He is officially a person. 
He's also rolling over from back to belly and vice versa, he holds his bottle by himself, and can sit up on his own for about 15 minutes before toppling over (and then that whole "heck breaking loose" thing happens again). So basically next week we're looking at prospective universities and getting him a job. 
On the horizon is "the army crawl" - this kid is DYING to get moving. He wants so badly to get down on the floor and play with the big kids, but just cant figure out how to move once he's on his belly. I'm sure I'll be posting about that soon enough. 
In order to keep this from sounding like an annoying Christmas letter, I'm going to stop. But rest assured from here on out its sweet anecdotes, witty banter, and the like...

Nighty 'night!

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Joni Woodlee said...

So, we have the same blog layout! I love it. I know I am one of those friends who just isn't close enough. Sorry we haven't been able to get together lately. We should try harder!