Thursday, July 30, 2009

The calm before the storm

One week from now I will be in a hospital room holding my new baby. Such a weird, exciting, crazy thought! I've been nesting, planning easy meals, making arrangements for Cash (still need to pack his bag), and getting the nursery ready (well...Drew's been getting it ready). 
I had a prenatal massage and pedicure yesterday so my toes are all ready for the c-section ;) and now we're just waiting and cherishing these last few days as a family of 3...

With Lilly, Avery's mom, at 38 & 27 wks. 

Close up of the crib

Looking into her room...

Still need to hang some pictures and add some more "girly" decor...

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have always wanted to have my own cooking show...

Two  posts in one day?!! I know. Over-achiever. 

I'm always up for a new recipe and decided to try this little dandy out for lunch this afternoon. Not only were they super easy to make, but they tasted GREAT and I'm guessing they're not too bad for ya either...give 'em a whirl! 

(Keep in mind that I'm married to a mountain man, and getting him to try a burger made of anything other than beef is a challenge. But even he enjoyed them.) 

Turkey Pesto Burgers

1 lb ground turkey or chicken
2 TBSP pre-made basil pesto 
(I bought Buitoni's basil pesto...refrigerated pasta section @ Walmart)
3 cloves minced garlic 
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp salt 

Mix all the above ingredients, grill to your liking. We used some ciabatta rolls that were lightly brushed with olive oil and grilled for a few minutes. Topped with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a little more pesto sauce for an added kick. Very tasty! Very easy! Bon Appetit!! :)

Notes from the Under-belly: Week 37

How far along? 37 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: 37 lbs. (For those of you trying to do the math - I gained 9 lbs in 3 wks. I almost cried.)  
Maternity clothes? : Thats pretty much all I can wear right now - especially pants. Thank goodness I only have a few more weeks! 
Stretch marks? Still no new ones. 
Sleep: is REALLY hard to come by these days. Guess she's just preparing me for what's to come.  
Movement: She's still kicking! And now you can pretty much always see exactly how she's laying and where her little booty is. :) 
Food cravings: lots of sweets and Chik-fil-a's Deluxe Chicken Sandwich combo, with a large sweet tea - extra ice. :)
Gender: Considering the room is decorated for a girl, the closet is FULL of pink, yellow, and purple clothing (including an ADORABLE pink tu tu)...we're REALLY hoping that ultrasound tech knows whats she's doing. 
Labor Signs: Just lots of contractions that, according to my last appointment, aren't really doing anything but annoying me. ha! Sounds like the last month of my pregnancy with Cash... 
Belly Button in or out? pokes out a little, but mostly just flat. 
What I miss: eating spicy food, chocolate, and/or italian food without immediate indigestion, sleeping without someone sticking their tiny little foot in my rib cage, and being able to eat without taking breaks to make room for more food. 
What I am looking forward to: meeting my daughter! As weird as it sounds I really enjoyed the hospital time with Cash so I'm actually looking forward to that, and I'm really anxious/excited to see Cash as a big brother. I know it'll be an adjustment for us all but I think he's really going to handle it better than we least thats what I pray for daily. ha! Also, I'm getting pampered next week with a prenatal massage (compliments of the owner of the salon spa I work for!) and a pedicure. AHHHH! 
Milestones: We are less than 2 weeks from the big day! We have the bags packed, room mostly done - will hopefully have it done by the middle of next week, and are just waiting and anticipating the arrival of our second child...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

T-Minus 3 weeks...

until our little lady makes her big debut. Unless she decides to come early, that is. Yes, we have scheduled the c-section for Thursday, August 6th. Its hard to believe that in THREE WEEKS....21 days...I will be a mother of 2. 
I have a lot of mixed feelings about the whole thing. Like pretty much everything in my life, how I feel about it depends a LOT on the day, weather, etc. (Gotta love those pregnancy hormones.) Somedays I'm so excited that I wish it were all taking place the next day. And then there are days when I wish I had 3 more MONTHS to prepare. And somedays the thought of it all just makes me want to cry...happy tears, mostly. :) 
I've told my mom (and several others probably) that I'd feel a lot better about the situation if I had some reassurance that Cash had a bit more understanding of the whole situation. He's only 14 months old so he literally has no idea what's about to happen to his world. We talk about "sister" a lot - which is what I've decided he'll call her since Corrinne is a harder name for a toddler to learn and she won't be going by Cori (EVER.) and I'm not really a fan of  "sissy" - and he knows that she's in my belly and will point to it if you ask where Sister is. Just this week he started hugging and kissing my belly when you ask if he loves the baby. Its really sweet but I still get the feeling he doesn't really know whats going on. I'm told this can be seen as an advantage when she gets here because he'll be less likely to be jealous than say a 3 year old might. 
I love Corrinne and know that I'd do anything to make sure she is ok...but I still have those fears that it just won't be the same as it was when I met Cash for the first time.  One of my best friends, Holly, had her 2nd son this morning, Beckett. I asked her if it was the same feeling meeting him for the first time as it was when she met her oldest and she told me it was. I guess its one of those things you can't really understand until it happens to you. 
But mostly I really am excited...last week a friend of mine had her 3rd baby, Maddox. He's adorable, to say the least and the minute I held him and smelled that newborn smell I was hooked. It made me SO much more excited to hold my little girl. I've been doing a lot of laundry this week -- so many loads of tiny little pink things -- and every time I hold a newborn sleeper I get this little twinge in my heart. She's gonna be beautiful, I'm sure of it. 
We're putting the finishing touches on her room, getting all her clothes organized and put away and will be packing our bags soon! We'd appreciate your prayers. :) 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Notes from the Under-belly: Week 35

Me & Holly, Beckett's mom, at 34 1/2 and 37 1/2 wks!

How far along? 35 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? : picking up a few things here and there, but I basically live in my goucho pants. 
Stretch marks? Not any new ones...
Sleep: Wish I had more of it. 
Movement: I'm starting to notice her awake times now...and apparently she's gonna have a late-night feeding around 11:30, and one at 3:30am. :)
Food cravings: chocolate, specifically Reese Sticks and Vanilla Coke
Gender: hopefully she's still a girl ;) But just in case, we did come up with a boy name, Brett Morgan.
Labor Signs: I have a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions but have even had some real contractions. Not too many though! 
Belly Button in or out? starting to poke out a little.
What I miss: cute jeans and shirts, being skinny, lung capacity...
What I am looking forward to: my friend, Holly's baby is due to be born any day now!!, and we're having a small get-together on Sunday to celebrate Corrinne's arrival. Can't wait to see everyone and show off her room! 
Weekly Wisdom: Let Drew do things around the house when he offers. :)
Milestones: 4 wks from Thursday is the big day -- scheduled c-section! She's approximately 6 lbs now. Wow!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer fun...

Corrinne has lots of friends on the way: 
Baby Boy Adams - 21 wks
Avery Mae Richardson - 23 wks
Corrinne Olivia - 33 wks

Of course the men couldn't let us have ALL the glory.

The only time I've found cellulite cute. :)

Our pool boy. 

at The Indians game - Cash loved it!