Thursday, May 27, 2010

I mean, really?!

There's really no denying we have the most beautiful children in the world. ;)

(I love this picture because its so "real life".)

If you like what you see check out the photographer's blog here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bargain! Bargain! Bargain for ME!

Is it just me or does the word bargain look weird?!

This morning we strolled around our 'hood to check out the yard sales and came away with: an awesome overstuffed chair that will look great in our room after some T.L.C. and tons of cleaning, 4 shirts for Cash (all are from Gymboree), a shirt for Coco, a shirt and outfit for Noelle (couldn't pass it up!), some maternity clothes for me (that won't be worn for at least another year), a super cool vintage-looking necklace, bracelet, and earring set for moi, along with some Abercrombie sweats. All at the tune of $23!

The chair is going to be my project for the next few weeks. Its in need of some major lovin' but I just know once its clean, covered, and in our room (after a total re-do on the room) it's gonna be awesome. You will be so jealous I found it for just $3. Just wait. ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

April Showers bring May....

So far May has brought about some fabulously crazy things in our house...

1. Cash turned TWO! He got rid of his pacifier a week before turning the big t-w-o, but picked up an attitude to compensate. Major yikes on that one. Fits galore!

2. Remember all those posts after I had Corrinne about how this whole 2 kids under 2 thing was going better than expected for us. Yeah well that was because the girl didn't GO anywhere! Life with 2 MOBILE kids under 2 is scary. Pray for us. (Not only is she crawling - army style - but she's pulling herself up.)

3. Our best friends, Matt & Jill, welcomed their first baby this morning and Noelle is absolutely precious! There is nothing better in a friendship than watching your besties become parents. I'm kind of crazy when it comes to babies being born. For real.

4. Operation Grow Out My Hair 2010 came to a screeching halt on Monday! The hair is short once again. Lets all release that great big sigh of relief....SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHH!
I feel so much better now.

5. I'm 6 pounds closer to my pre-kids weight! A month ago I decided to start watching what I eat and running or walking 3 times a week. I committed to do that for 8 weeks (that was how long I had until I'm going to be on the beach with the WHOLE family). We are 4 wks in and I'm half-way to my goal - my pre-pregnancy weight. Its exciting and a smidge frightening at the same time because the week I realized I was back at my pre-pg weight after Cash was also the week I found out we were expecting Corrinne. Can you say abstinence?!! ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

To my 2 year old son...

Dear Cash,
Tonight I laid you down to go to sleep as a one year old for the last time. You were so sweet, holding my hand and asking to pray like we do every night at bedtime. You also told me "ni-night" that you love me ("ooo rah!") and then repeatedly asked to go "buh-bye" in the "car-car" when you wake up. :) You're such a social little man.You're growing up so fast and while I'm excited to see you learn and do new things, I wish...just for tonight...I could hold newborn-Cash again. I'd snuggle you, smell you, and kiss your newborn cheeks all night long! (And trust me, you had PLENTY of cheeks to kiss!)
You are the joy of my heart, Cash. My world would be such an empty place without you. I pray that you will grow up healthy and strong; smart and funny (which should be easy - you already have a great sense of humor); and most of all - that you would know how much Jesus loves you and live your life for Him. He loves you even more than your daddy and I do! He thought of you and created you to be YOU and we are so thankful he chose us to be your parents. Don't ever forget those things...
Now if we could work on increasing your daily menu to include more than just chicken nuggets, french fries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, and cheese that'd be great. And sharing really IS fun...
Don't worry, Daddy and I will help you along the way.