Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had lunch with one of my very best friends and her two little munchkins this afternoon. As we were sitting in Chick-fil-a doling out torn up chicken nuggets, blowing on french fries, and retrieving sippy cups over and over it was hard to remember the nights we would stay up till 1 am talking while the boys played xbox... or trying to learn the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. We've seen each other through failed relationships (mine), exciting job opportunities (hers), and bad haircuts (mine again). She stood by me on my wedding day, was one of the first to know I was pregnant for the first time and pretty much everything in between. I love that here we are, moms of 2, wives, nearing our 30's and yet we're still the same crazy, fun-loving girls we were 6 years ago when we first became friends.
She shared a story with me today that I will never forget and will always hold close to my heart. Her grandmother told her about a book she'd recently read while they were together over the holiday. It was about a christian family who had somehow lost their 4 year old son. Amazingly, he was revived. (Sorry I don't know all the details about how he died or why.) Throughout the course of several months after he came back he would start talking about things and eventually they realized he was talking about heaven. Unlike an adult, who would want to share every detail with you right away, this little boy would just randomly remember something about it and start talking about it as if his parents knew.
One day while he was playing this little boy told his mom, "Mommy, I saw my sister." His mom wasn't sure what he was talking about, "You don't have a sister, honey." "Yes, I do. She told me she died while she was in your belly." At some point in their marriage his parents had lost a baby, early enough they didn't realize it was girl.
As of November 20, Drew and I have a baby in heaven. A baby we weren't planning to have but desperately wanted. A baby that will always hold a special place in our hearts, and a baby that I can't wait to meet. But in the meantime,  I like to think that he or she is running around with all the other babies waiting to meet their mommies & daddies. And laying in the lap of the King. Safe and sound.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 17

Tonight I'm thankful for date nights and moments that allow me to just enjoy the company of my best friend and husband, Drewbie. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 16

Tonight I am very thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of this 10 week study on Esther I'm in, I would watch Beth Moore's enthusiasm and passion in awe of someone so in love with her Saviour. I started praying that I would know that kind of closeness with Him.

I'm so grateful for a God who loves me unconditionally - because there are moments... lots of 'em that I'm sure are disappointing to Him - and knows what is best for me, knew me before I had taken a single breath, and sees who I'll be 30 years from now. He knows each and every one of my children - those I've rocked and sang to, and those I've yet to meet. He knows who Cash & Corrinne will be as teenagers and is already preparing my heart for those tumultuous years of parenthood.

He saw my sin and yet died an excruciating death on a cross anyway, so I wouldn't have to.

That, my friends, is love.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 15

Today I'm thankful I have a warm bed, clean pajamas to wear, a house with a working furnace and hot water for me to shower with in the morning.

I do believe winter has arrived!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 14 of 30 Days of Thanks

Today is Monday which translates into the one day out of the week I don't plan any play dates, lunch dates, or doctors appointments (if at all possible). Its the day I stay in my pj's till nap time and start (key word: start) the laundry and cleaning projects for the week. I also have bible study on Monday nights so I try to plan a meal that is either a) a crock pot meal or b) incredibly easy. Now, there a ton of options that would fit into the "incredibly easy" category but NOT into the "mmm this is good and my belly is satisfied" category.

And so today I'm thankful for tasty yet simple recipes such as the delectable Chicken Parmesan we had this evening. This is a recipe from one of Drew's family's friend out in California. So, thank you, Nan for the delicious recipe! Hope you don't mind I'm sharing it...

Chicken Parmesan

Saute 2 cloves of garlic in 1 cup of butter (or 2 sticks - never said it was healthy!). Let chicken (I cut 4 boneless, skinless breasts in half) soak in the garlic butter while you mix up the following: 2 cups plain bread crumbs, 3/4 cup parmesan cheese, 1 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. pepper and 1/2 cup of fresh parsley (optional - I used dried tonight and it was good.)  Coat the chicken pieces with the breading and place in 9x13 baking dish; pour the garlic butter on top of the chicken.  Bake for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.

We choose to top ours with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese and serve with noodles. However, my mother-in-law recently made this sans italian flare and it was quite delish on its own! Who doesn't love a versatile dish?!

You're welcome. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 12 (and 13. Shh!)

Yesterday was like one giant "favorite" for me.
Hung out with some of my favorite people (my sisters and Mom), at my favorite store (Target...and then some), and ate lunch at one of my fave restaurants (Paradise Bakery & Cafe). It was awesome and definitely needs to happen more often!

And so today, I'm thankful for the girls I go to first for advice, a good laugh/cry, or a necessary vent session - my beautiful, talented, hilarious, lovely sisters.

My sisters are the best! They make me laugh the hardest, can totally finish my sentences - they "get me", and can make me feel better about any situation. There are very few people who can be painfully honest with me without hurting my feelings and Megan & Ashley are definitely on that list!

They are gorgeous women who are even prettier on the inside and I treasure our friendship so much! I hope one day Corrinne has a sister so she can know how much fun it is!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oopsie! Days 10 & 11

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day resulting in no post from me! Sorry 'bout that. And I had this great post about how I am so thankful to our country's veterans and current servicemen... especially the one I married. :) But that will have to wait for another time and place. Just know I'm thankful for all the sacrifices that have been made so I can live freely.

Today... I'm thankful for my job as a stay-at-home-mom. It is NOT easy, by any means. Hands down, the hardest job I've ever had but without a doubt, the most rewarding. I love my kids and do not take for granted this opportunity I have to invest in them, love them, teach them, and play with them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 9

Tonight I'm thankful for catching up on our DVRed episodes of Parenthood and Modern Family with my handsome man. And maybe some peanut butter cup ice cream too.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being thankful - Day 8

I remember when Drew and I were in premarital counseling, our friends Clint & Rachel gave us a pearl of wisdom that I had heard before - Love isn't always a feeling, sometimes its a choice. The butterflies don't last forever and there have been and will be times when loving Drew isn't easy (and most definitely vice versa). In those moments, we choose to love. 

The same can be said for many things in life, one being gratitude. Being thankful when everything's going perfect and even when they aren't going at all how you had hoped. Trust me, my day hasn't been the worst day ever known to mankind. But it hasn't been my favorite either.

Drew's working ALL day long - he left at 7 this morning and probably won't be home until 10 tonight. That seems twice as long when you're hanging out with toddlers... alone. I'm jacked up on Dayquil Cold & Flu and my kids have whiney attitudes to match their runny noses. I've already thrown my pity party so this is the point where I'm choosing to be thankful.

I am thankful, especially in this economic climate, that Drew has a steady job that provides more than just what we need. I'm thankful that he has a great work ethic and is respected by his coworkers and peers. And I'm very thankful for his paycheck that will purchase the delicious peppermint mocha I will treat myself to when the kids wake up from their naps. ;)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 7

I'm just a little over half-way through Beth Moore's study on Esther and LOVING it! It's by far my favorite B. Moore study to date. The book of Esther is quite interesting (and dramatic) but what I'm loving so much about it is how Beth is relating it to other areas of our lives.

Last week she was discussing Reversal of Destiny. She went on to say that God often authors someone's Reversal of Destiny - she used the example of how shy and embarrassed she was of her horribly buck teeth that she would hide behind people and hated speaking and NOW look at her! Reversal of Destiny.

Esther's story involves quite a reversal. She was an orphan. Lost both of her parents at a very young age and raised by her uncle, Mordecai. She was also a jew in the Persian empire. BUT... in a her Reversal of Destiny, she became Queen of Persia. "The least of these..." into a Queen. Its awesome! But what struck me the most about that particular week was the discussion on the fact that Esther didn't have a mom growing up. She didn't have anyone to ask about makeup, how to do her hair... what did she do when she started her period?? It broke my heart. I envisioned my life without my mom. The thought brought tears to my eyes.

My mom and I are very different. While I tend to have more outgoing tendencies like my dad, my mom hates being center of attention. I have a need to get out of my house if I'm home longer than 2 days while mom loves the comfort of home. My mom sees all the details that I overlook. She's awesome.

And so today, I'm so very thankful for my beautiful mom.

I appreciate my mom so much more now than I did growing up. When you're a child/teenager you don't see all the little things moms do. Even as a young adult you don't realize. I honestly don't know that I did until I became a mom. (Just going through pregnancy and childbirth added a whole new level of appreciation!)

Mom helped Dad support a family of 5 on a very tight budget when they had us older 3 kids and Dad was in seminary (and us kids always had food to eat/clothes on our backs). My mom knows how to stretch a dollar and is the QUEEN of Bargains! She makes everything so much more special. Holidays aren't the same if they're not at my parent's house. She's my best friend, the one I call every day - whether its to vent about something, laugh about something or just to chat. She makes the best pot roast with potatoes and carrots and her laugh is one of my favorite sounds.

I can't imagine going through life without my mom! She's my sounding board, my confidante, the standard I hold myself to, and she's taught me so much about being a woman after God's own heart, a supportive wife, and a good mom who doesn't give up on her kids (I also inherited her "worry gene" unfortunately. ;) ) I hope and pray that one day Corrinne can say the same about me... and that my house will someday be as clean and home-y as hers.

Love you, Mom! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of Thanks - Day 6

Today was a looooong day. And not just because we got an extra hour, although that did play into why my day was particularly long. Long, annoying, frustrating story short - I had the kids all by myself all day, Corrinne napped all of 15 minutes, and Cash's whine fest continued as I chased Corrinne around my parents' house.

(Just to note, hanging out at my parents' between church and choir practice while Drew watched a football game with some buddies didn't sound all that bad when we planned it. Except that one major detail didn't work: Corrinne's nap.)

As a result, I had put on my grouchy face. I'm not proud of it, but it happens. I just needed a break. An hour of quiet where I could do whatever I wanted, which at the time was sitting on the couch and closing my eyes. So when I left my mom's house and Cash was talking non-stop in the back seat I was totally prepared to write my Day 6 post about how thankful I am for silence.  Silence is so rare around here that I truly cherish it and bask in it when it happens.

Corrinne had fallen asleep (PTL!) but Cash was going full blast: "I yike dis song, mommy." "Whas at, mommy?" "We go a church, mommy? Noooo. We go a Target??" Just on and on. Finally, I said, "Cash, why don't we just sit and listen to the music. Lets just be quiet for a minute." He responded so matter-of-fact, "No. I wanna talk." I kind of smiled and said, "What do you want to talk about?". "I wanna talk a mommy." I was instantly reminded that there will soon come a day where he won't want to talk to me about all the little things that fill his mind. Some day he'll start giving me one-word answers and grunts in response to my questions and I'm sure I'll wish I could relive these days of sweet, funny little things he comes up with.

In fact, during my ahem, meltdown, this afternoon he climbed up on my lap, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Its ok, Bethany. Daddy be here soon.". He's got such a sweet spirit and kind heart. What I need to cherish are moments with my son when his heart is the purest and his words the most honest...

... And so today, I'm thankful for my beautifully handsome, charming, hilarious, sweetheart of a son, Cash.

Isn't he the most adorable 2 1/2 year old you've ever seen? ;)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cinco de Gracias

Apparently Whine Fest 2010 was today in our house. While I will enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, I'm not at all a fan of the w-H-i-n-e. Which means today I'm thankful for in-laws that love my kids so much they're keeping them overnight so the hubs and I can enjoy a night out with some friends.

and whats even better... tonight we change our clocks back an hour in honor of daylight savings! So even if my kids' internal clocks don't fall back an hour, I won't know. Because I'll be snug as a bug in my big, comfy bed while they're snuggled up tight at Nana & Pops' house.

mwahahahahaha! ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

On the fourth day of Thanks...

After some remarks made by family members regarding a lack of thanks with their name attached, I feel that its necessary to note that these items are listed in random order that does not reflect  the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for that person/item.

That being said...

Honestly, all I can think about right now is snuggling in my bed under our down comforter. And so today, I'm thankful for a warm bed with clean sheets and a husband to warm my feet.

Nighty Night!

Thanks, God - Day 3

This afternoon I did our bi-weekly grocery shopping. The usual... Aldi, then Target for what I couldn't find at Aldi (or prefer to buy elsewhere... more on that later). Last night I got a hand-out from Cash's teacher at church saying they're collecting items for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection. Since I don't plan to grocery shop again before the items were due, I decided to pick them up today.
As I was browsing Target's Dollar Spot I started tossing items into my cart: a slinky, silly putty, little books about colors, candy. The shopping trip started out with, "That'll work." and quickly turned into this exciting opportunity to make some little boy and little girl in a country far away from mine, whose life seems worlds different than my kids' Christmas seem magical. A slinky, silly putty and a toothbrush would seem magical to those kids. Would it to my own kids? Right now, yes. But I fear that's just because they're 2 1/2 and 15 months. As I gushed over the Disney Princess lip balm bracelet and polka dotted jump rope, envisioning a little dark-skinned girl wearing the sparkly headbands,  I made a promise to teach my kid's the value of a gift. That it represents the love behind it, not the price tag; that there is joy in giving and in turn, receiving the blessing that comes. I don't ever want to them to join the rest of our society that somehow feels entitled to the most expensive, best thing on the market. I want them to be thankful for what they have and a desire to give to those who don't have.
And so today I'm thankful for projects like Operation Christmas Child for teaching me to be grateful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Thanks - Day 2

Right now my dad is near Port Au Prince, Haiti serving for a week with an organization called Real Hope for Haiti. There's a cholera outbreak in the country that is expected to kill more people than the earthquake that happened last January. And this just in, there's a tropical storm, Tomas, expected to hit the shores of Haiti Friday morning. Not the best circumstances, yet Dad - along with 9 other people from my church - was ready to go help the people of Haiti no matter what.

And so today I am thankful for my dad.

The fact that he would leave his loved ones behind to give of himself for people he doesn't know in one of the most destitute countries in the world gives just a hint to the kind of man my dad is.  He's a pastor, a teacher, a friend, a counselor, an excellent husband to my mom, and a father to eight kids. He's firm in his convictions, gentle in his guidance, and bold in his teachings. He taught me how to ride a bike, drive a stick shift, change the oil in my car, and how to find the back road everywhere I go. ;)

He's still the fastest, strongest, funniest, smartest dad who can fix anything. :) Love you, dad!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of Thanks

Last year Facebook had "Thirty Days of Thankfulness" where you were supposed to list something you're thankful for every day in November as your status update. (The fact that sometimes I feel like Facebook is taking over my world is a post for another day...) Well, this year I've decided to do it again but I'm going to go a step further and will commit to blogging about one thing I'm thankful for each day this month. Because we simply do not express our gratitude enough... And because my current status is technically way too long to be considered a "status update".  So if you're a facebook friend o'mine, I apologize for the redundancy of today's post.

Today I am thankful for a husband that lets me sleep in, cleans up the kitchen while I exercise my right to vote, and works so hard everyday so I can take our kids to play dates, enjoy Target's vast array of darling merchandise, and even splurge on a large coke from Mickie D's from time to time. ;)

When they said, "A good man is hard to find." they weren't lying. I know that I am so blessed to have a fantastic, sexy, hilarious, hard-working husband who wasn't afraid to jump right into changing diapers, cleaning up spit up, buying tampons, or wiping snotty noses. He makes me laugh, spoils me, keeps me grounded, and tells me I'm beautiful all the time.

But I do feel kind of bad for you, because lets face it - there's no one else like him on this earth. ;)

Drew, you've got it going ON! Love you!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This post = our most effective form of birth control

If you need me, I'm most likely either getting Cash up from Time Out or pulling Corrinne away from the trash can, cabinet under the kitchen sink, or top of the dining room table.

Its been one of those days.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Every Party has a Pooper

We made two monumental purchases this weekend:

1. A potty chair

2. Pull Ups. But these aren't your grandma's Pull Ups (those are called Depends). These have Cash's newest obsessions, Woo-wy (Woody) and Buzz on them. And if he potties in it, they disappear! He picked them out himself.

Lord, help us all!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Global Warming?

Can someone please notify Mother Nature that its no longer July, but in fact, October?? Enough with the 80 degree days...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truett Cathy sure knows what he's doing

It is no secret that I am fan of Chick-fil-a. How could you not be with the sweet tea, chick-fil-a sauce, and nuggets that are actually made of chicken? Well, today the people of CFA just strengthened that bond a little more...
Today was the beloved play date day, my favorite day of the week. It was my turn to pick up lunch for us so after stopping by the bank, I hit up the CFA drive-thru. Since I had told Cash we were going to Zeke's house before we left he wasn't too thrilled when I turned the opposite direction to go to the bank first. (Lesson learned: don't mention your final destination until you're on your way.) Which resulted in him whining and screaming in the back seat while I left my sister-in-law a voicemail (I'm sure she enjoyed my "excuse me, QUIET. anyways...."), thanked the drive-thru teller at the bank, and placed my order at CFA. Are you getting the picture? My blood pressure was rising and patience getting low. Since I was ordering for 2 adults and 4 kids our order was pretty big and the line even longer so I opted to not check the bag before the leaving the parking lot. I contemplated it and thought to myself, Chick-fil-a doesn't make mistakes. McDonald's, yes. But not Chick-fil-a. Besides, what am I going to do? Get the kids out and go inside to tell them? No. So I drove to Holly's and found out after unloading the kids, the diaper bag, drinks, and food that they had forgotten an order of fries. At first I was all, "oh its ok. I'll go without." Then remembering the total of our order I was annoyed. Holly mentioned calling them to let them know so I did... and do you know what she said to me? She sweetly said, "Would you like me to bring your third order of fries to you?" After picking my jaw up off the floor I told her that would be great. She got the address and my name and a few minutes later I had a bag of fresh waffle fries and THREE brownies she'd thrown in just for the fun of it!
Now THAT, my friends, is customer service!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say, WHAT?

Earlier this morning I took Cash to the dermatologist. He's got some really bad acne and I was thinking maybe we could get some Retin-A prescribed for him or something.

Just kidding!

He's got a mild case of molescum - similar to a wart but not as gross (in my opinion). They're little pimple-like bumps spread by a virus, much like the wart. He only has 6-8 and they're all on his face so our pediatrician recommended visiting a pediatric dermatologist to treat them. She gave me 2 options:

1. Freeze them off. In her words, "It does sting so we'd just need to hold him down and freeze 'em off really fast." Not happening.

2. A cream you apply once a night that gets into the immune system and fights off the virus therefore getting rid of the bumps. SOLD!

Cash gets a sucker AND a sticker and we're off to Target to fill his prescription. We browse the store before returning to the pharmacy to pick up the cream when the young pharmacy tech calls me over...

She quietly says to me, "This is the price of your medication." and points to her paper reading $703. In spite of her hushed tone I exclaim, "Are you SERIOUS?!" still using her library voice she goes on to tell me thats for the generic cream, after insurance, and that I should call our doctor and see if there's something else we can do. I thank her and walk away wondering why she was talking so quietly. Then it dawned on me... The dermatologist had mentioned that cream usually being prescribed for patients with genital warts.


Needless to say, I'm going to be calling the Dr and asking for an appointment to freeze those suckers off. And just might call the Target pharmacy to let them know we won't be needing the $700 cream for my son's MOLESCUM. ahem.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More than Enough

I've been searching my parenting and pregnancy books for the chapter on Mommy Guilt but can't seem to find it. I really felt like I had gotten "the advice that no one gives", you know? I was warned about the possibility and likelihood of pooping during delivery, the grossness of losing your mucous plug, and fully expected and was prepared for the separation anxiety stage. But no one ever told me about the overwhelming constant feeling of inadequacy. That stupid nagging feeling I have after letting Cash fill up on granola bars instead of forcing him to eat his applesauce. The voice inside that says, you should really sit down and build a tower with him or read a book to her instead of letting them be entertained by Elmo for the 3rd time today. The exact feeling I have as I'm writing this instead of emptying the dishwasher and folding the laundry. Bottom line - I'm not enough. Not enough for my kids, not enough for my husband, definitely not enough for my Saviour. Everyday I'm struggling to meet everyone's needs and have no clue how to fix it.
As I typed that last sentence I was reminded of Sandy Patty's discussion at Women of Faith. Being everything for everyone was a struggle for her and she talked about how God reminded her that she is more than enough for Him. For in our weakness, His strength is made perfect.

Oh, Lord. Take my weaknesses and use them to show Your greatness! Let me be a wife that Drew can be proud of; with a gentle spirit and kind heart. Lord, help me to see who it is you've called me to be. Thank you for this amazing journey you've set me on as a mom. Let me see it for the treasure it is and not waste another day drowning in my own self-pity of temper tantrums, strong-willed personalities, and spilled milk (for real). Help me be a mom that You would be proud of. One that points to You in all things, one that puts her family first, and is quick to listen and slow to anger. Thank you for loving me.
And Lord, please help Cash make better choices during nap time. Amen.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What a difference 3 years can make

Three years ago today I took a pregnancy test and my whole world changed! I remember it like it was yesterday...

I was going to my friend's house to have her color my hair and was feeling really down. Drew and I had been "not preventing" (I was trying. Drew was having fun.) for a few months and I was getting discouraged. Even though I was 2 days late I was pretty certain I wasn't pregnant. Ironically that was the first thing I blurted out when I walked into Holly's house that night, "I'm 2 days late!", I said. She grabbed her purse and announced, "We're going to Walmart!". I kept refusing to take the test, but around 8:30 she finally convinced me since Drew was working late that night and I wanted to be home before him. Much to my surprise it was immediately positive! I yelled for Holly and she came bursting through the door, camera in hand, screaming and jumping up and down. I, however, just sat the test on the counter and stared at in disbelief. I kept thinking, oh my gosh! It works!
We determined when my due date would be (thanks to Baby Center's website) and tried to decide how to tell Drew he was going to be a daddy. When I got home I opened our Bible to Psalm 139 and highlighted the passage that says,

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous, how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the darkness of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. "

I placed the pregnancy test on the Bible with a note next to it that said, "We love you, Daddy!". It felt like an eternity had passed before Drew finally got home. I was sitting on the couch as I watched him walk into our room. I heard him say, "Whaaat?" Then he came out, test in hand, and said, "REALLY?" and the rest is history.

Here's that little second line today...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Women of Faith

I spent last Friday and Saturday worshipping, laughing, crying, and dancing with 11,000 other women at the Women of Faith conference. To say it was awesome is an understatement. Leaving the kids with a sitter two days in a row was hard. And I struggled with Mom Guilt the whole weekend, but it was worth it. I got to spend time with some of my best girls, sing at the top of my lungs, worship with abandon, and quiet myself so I that could really hear from God. Why can't I do that on a regular basis, you ask? I asked myself the same thing and have decided to do just that from now on. To be intentional about my walk.
During lunch on Saturday my friend asked what my favorite part had been so far. At the time I couldn't answer - I was loving all of it. After digesting all of it I can tell you exactly what my favorite part was...
Sandy Patty was one of the singers and guest speakers. Now, typically I'm not really into the style of music she usually does. But I found myself enjoying her as a speaker and relating to what she was talking about. At the end of her talk she sang "We Shall Behold Him". I'm sure some of you just let out a huge "Ohhh" and know exactly which song I'm referring to. (Unfortunately this was the first time I had heard it.) The song is beautifully written and her voice is absolutely incredible! Something about that song brought tears to my eyes... But my favorite part was that she signed the entire song herself for the section of women who were deaf/hard of hearing. AND THEN...just as she was nearing the end (and her highest notes) the hearing impaired women stood up and signed along with her! It was awesome, the entire arena was filled with women worshipping our God... All I could think was, "this is what Heaven's going to be like!". Except its not! There won't be any denominational boundaries in Heaven, we'll all know each other's names in Heaven, we'll all have the best voices and Heavenly bodies (woo hoo!) and best of all... there won't be any disabilities. All those women who were signing with Sandy will be SINGING with Sandy someday.
If thats not amazing, I don't know what is.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nothin' like a FIRST birthday party...or TWO!

Here's our baby girl at exactly one year old - 6PM August 4, 2010.
Her stats: 21# 13.5 oz
28 1/2 inches long

The first of her birthday parties: The Polka Dot Party!

The girl loves her some chocolate cake!

The double party with her cousin, Carter, who will be one this Saturday!
(the theme for the cake was "Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails..." and "Sugar and spice and everything nice..." And it was DELICOUS!)

The birthday babies and their mommies.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bringing up Boys

Lately my favorite time of day has been just before I go to bed at night. For some reason I've forgotten how early my kids wake up and end up staying up way too late; usually climbing in bed sometime around midnight every night. But without fail, the last thing I do before hitting the pillow is check on the kids.
Corrinne is always so sweet and cherub-like and hardly ever stirs. But Cash on the other hand, he's always got something funny or sweet to say in his groggy, half-asleep state of mind. Tonight while I was tucking him in (a regular request of his) I was stroking his hair and telling him good-night as he repeated those words back to me. Then just as I was about to walk out he said, "Batman ni-night. Spiderman ni-night too, Momma."
Good to know, Cash. Good to know.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Farewell Jungle Wall Mural!

Today was a big day for Cash! He got to eat lunch at his favorite place: Chi-la-la (Chick-fil-a) WITH his BFF, Zeke, and then we purchased his new bedding! We've been looking at bedding for his BBR (Big Boy Room) for awhile and settled on this collection a few months back - The Teen Spirit Quilt by Circo from Target.

Product Image Circo Team Spirit Quilt Set

Honestly, I don't think really cares at this point but Mommy & Daddy LOVE it! Now we just need to come up with something cool to do with the walls! We're open to suggestions... :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On your FIRST birthday...

Dear Corrinne,

You are one year old, sweet girl! You probably hear me say this a lot but I really can't believe how quickly you're growing up! It doesn't seem possible that its been 12 whole months since we were sitting in the hospital staring at you wondering who you would become...
You had me fooled, I'll tell you that right now! As a newborn you were the most serious, laid-back, easy-going baby I'd ever met. You didn't need rocked, you didn't cry, you didn't fuss. As long as you had some warm milk from mommy and a clean bootie you were good to go! I almost felt like you didn't need me! Even when you started becoming mobile you were pretty easy-going. Your cousin, Carter, would scoot circles around you. Literally! Papaw has a video of you sitting in the same spot while Carter does laps around you and you just stare at him as if you were thinking, "Can you just calm down, please?". :) You were cool, calm, and collected. And then BAM! You brought out the big guns!
Girlfriend you truly are sugar and spice and everything nice...and I love that about you! You have the sweetest smile, listening to you sing melts my heart, but you can tell your brother off like you've been doing it for years! Sometimes Daddy and I giggle a little bit because its so funny to see such a small little lady acting so grown up. You definitely have your mind made up and if we're not following your plan, you let us know. You already possess so many qualities I wish I had; you're adventurous, courageous, fearless, and confident. Baby girl, please don't ever let those go. I want you to grow up using those to serve the LORD.
Last night I went in to check on you before I went to bed and you were stirring a little bit so I took the opportunity to snuggle with you for a minute. You were all squishy, sleepy, and had some awesome bed-head going on! ;) I rocked you for a few minutes and told you it was your birthday and how thankful your daddy and I are that God chose us to be your parents. I also told you that He has so many awesome things planned for you life and to never ever lose sight of Him. He is your ticket through life, sweet girl. With Him, you can do anything your sweet little heart desires. Anything. I can't wait to see what that is.
Being your mommy is one of the greatest adventures I've been on. I love you more than I know how to explain.
Mommy :)

Turn the playlist off at the bottom of the screen before viewing the video.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One year ago tomorrow...

Its the first Tuesday in August and the sky is dark, there's thunder in the distance and its raining.
A year ago, on the first Tuesday in August the weather was just like this. I was 39 weeks pregnant sitting in my OB's office waiting to find out if I had dilated any more since the day before... hours later I was holding precious little newborn Corrinne.

I wish so badly I could go back and relive that moment. There is nothing in this world like meeting your baby.

You can read more about that crazy day here.

Friday, July 30, 2010

God and the water slide

This morning the kids and I met some friends from church at a local pool for a play date. This pool has an awesome kids area complete with a play set that doubles as a sprinkler/splash pad and slide. You climb up the steps while being splashed all around you and then go down an enclosed slide into the [very shallow] water. From the moment we got there Corrinne was dying to get up to that slide. Over and over she climbed the whole way through all the sprinklers and would get right up to the slide before mean ol' mom would take her back down to the water below as she was kicking and screaming. She was relentless! (I'm telling you - the girl knows what she wants!) After 50 trips up and down the steps with her I finally just gave in and let her go down!
Before you all choke on your coffee (or Mt. Dew, if you're like me) rest assured that I didn't just send her down this huge slide all alone into the water below. My friend, Dena, climbed up as far as she could into the bottom of it and I lowered her down as far as I could so she didn't slide the entire length of the slide. But 11 month old Corrinne went down a slide that kids 8 years older than her were waiting in line for!
At first she loved it! Dena said she her smile took up her whole face, but that smile quickly turned into a look of shock, doubt, and maybe a smidgen of fear. Then after Dena grabbed her at the bottom of the slide she let out the tiniest little whine and the biggest bottom lip. After that she was pretty content to sit on mommy's lap.
As I was telling mom about it she laughed and said, "Sometimes what we think we want so badly doesn't end up being as great as we think it is." True that, momma! How many times have I've been certain about God's will in any given area of my life only to find out what I thought was it, was most definitely not it? How often do we fight God for something? I look back on everything I was told "no" to before finally hearing a "yes" from God with so much gratitude. What God had planned is turning out to be so much better than I ever could've planned...
God knows what He's doing. Its hard to remember sometimes but just like I could've saved Corrinne the terror of flying down a slide way too big for her, God wants to protect us from enduring unnecessary fear and pain. And a face full of water.
Or that horrible wedgie you get from the serious water slides. ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, Corrinne!

It was like a scene out of Hannah Montana! I walked into her room this morning to find her standing in her crib with one arm at her side, the other on the crib railing. She was shaking her bootie and singing at the top of her lungs!
She's not even a year old, folks! What are we going to do when she's 13?!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

This time last year I was great with child - 38 weeks pregnant, to be exact - and the recipient of many an unsolicited comment about how full my hands were about to be. 12 months later I'm realizing what those women meant.
Over the last few weeks Corrinne's personality has really come to the surface. While Cash is timid, cautious, and tender-hearted; Corrinne is adventurous, sneaky, and strong-willed. She knows what she wants when she wants it and has recently acquired a shriek that could be heard within a 20 mile radius. Thanks to having an older brother she is fully versed in how to handle the "No- No" situations. She simply yells back at us, "Nooooooo!" and shrieks. Even though she is not old enough to get the spanking her behavior sometimes deserves we are sticking with age-appropriate hand-smack. This evening I smacked her chubby little hand for telling me no and could not believe what happened next...
First she gave me a look of shock (score 1 for mom!), rubbed her hand I had smacked (Aw, man! Mommy guilt set in), then walked over and smacked my hand right back! (WHAT?!)
Clearly this calls for an emergency reading of James Dobson's, The Strong-Willed Child.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Mama's House

Ever since the 12 hour car ride in Mamaw & Papaw's car on our way home from vacation Cash has been all about big things, thanks to my mom pointing out the semis. BIG cars, BIG trucks, BIG french get it. All was well until yesterday I heard him say, "BIG Mama!".
Excuse me?
Unfortunately my ears had not failed me. I am now grouped into the BIG category. Along with trucks, blocks, cows, horses, boats, etc. Awesome.

Monday, July 19, 2010

For all those times I said, "My kids will never..."

Life has been a whirlwind since we got back from vacation oh, THREE WEEKS AGO! Yikes. To say its been hard to get back into the swing of things is a major understatement. We returned home from the beautiful and blissful Atlantic Beach in North Carolina just in time for Drew to start his new position at a new location two days later. New title, new commute, new schedule, new co-workers. We're all adjusting, but he's loving it and we're so proud of him so who's complaining, right? :)
Fast forward to 8:00 this morning when Corrinne is beckoning me via the monitor because apparently she still hasn't caught on to the fact that everyone else in the house likes to sleep till 9 am. I'm sure a few of you are thinking wish I could sleep in till 8 every day and I do realize how lucky I am HOWEVER this was a mere 8 hours after Drew and I got home from pretending we were kidless newlyweds while running around Kings Island all day! Momma was exhausted. That exhaustion turned into frustration when I went to get some milk out of the fridge for my cereal to realize we had none. NONE. Zero milk in the fridge of a woman whose 2 year old drinks it like its going out of style. Not good. We were pretty much out of everything (hence the "its been really hard getting back into the swing of things" intro to this post.). So I figured, the kids are getting older, Corrinne's almost 1 now; I'm sure I could make it through one grocery trip with both of them alone. No problem. Got everyone ready (including reinstalling car seats, taking 2 tubs of size 12-18 mos. girl clothes out of the back of the car -- thanks, Aunt Ashley, and putting the double stroller back in) and out the door feeling optimistic about my first trip to the grocery store with both kids alone. (Again, I know there are moms who do this all the time. But I'm not trying to be a hero or win any Super Mom awards. I like to go alone and will usually wait until Drew's home, grab something lovely to sip on while I shop and turn the mundane task of grocery shopping into "me time". Its great!) Well long story short -- my kids were the center of attention and not just because they're so darn cute. Cash was putting random items in the cart, Corrinne was trying to chew on the strap that should have been around her keeping her safely in the cart while both of them took turns screaming at me and each other. While I'm trying to gracefully discipline my kids and pay for my groceries the 19 year old cashier commented on Corrinne's dark complexion, "How did THAT happen??", how persistent she was in pushing the buttons on the credit card swipey thing, "She's determined, huh?" and then left me with this gem, "I don't know how you do it! Props to you!". Customer service at it's finest. Needless to say I will be grocery shopping alone from here on out.
In other news, my sweet little bronzed beauty learned a new word from her big begins with an N and ends with an O. Thats right. My not-quite-one-year-old told me no this morning. Not cool.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jesus is my Homeboy

Cash is going through a very typical possessive phase right now. Everything is his, apparently. Poor Corrinne can't even crawl in his direction without him grabbing all the toys and running away while he screams, "MINE!". It gets really old really fast. But there was one instance where it was cute...
I was getting ready to lay him down for the night when he grabbed my hand and said, "Deeesus" (Jesus). So we prayed for a good night's rest and that Daddy would make it home safe from work and said amen. I laid him in his bed and looked at me and quietly said, "My deesus. Mine." I kind of chuckled and said, "Yes, he's your Jesus." and silently prayed that one day he'll understands what that means.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pass the Depends, please.

You know, I pushed the I feel old feeling aside after going to my brother's high school graduation that was nothing like mine (even though we graduated from the same school); when I saw the teenage girls at the pool in their bikinis while I was sporting my tankini in the baby pool area; and even when I've found myself gravitating towards the "Misses" section at Target lately. But nothing made me feel more geriatric than last night at Walmart. There was a young man in front of me buying alcohol and the clerk asked for his ID. She read his birthday aloud as she was typing it in to the computer and imagine my shock when I heard her say 1989. 1989?! Someone born in 1989 is old enough to buy alcohol?

Man. I feel old.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I mean, really?!

There's really no denying we have the most beautiful children in the world. ;)

(I love this picture because its so "real life".)

If you like what you see check out the photographer's blog here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bargain! Bargain! Bargain for ME!

Is it just me or does the word bargain look weird?!

This morning we strolled around our 'hood to check out the yard sales and came away with: an awesome overstuffed chair that will look great in our room after some T.L.C. and tons of cleaning, 4 shirts for Cash (all are from Gymboree), a shirt for Coco, a shirt and outfit for Noelle (couldn't pass it up!), some maternity clothes for me (that won't be worn for at least another year), a super cool vintage-looking necklace, bracelet, and earring set for moi, along with some Abercrombie sweats. All at the tune of $23!

The chair is going to be my project for the next few weeks. Its in need of some major lovin' but I just know once its clean, covered, and in our room (after a total re-do on the room) it's gonna be awesome. You will be so jealous I found it for just $3. Just wait. ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

April Showers bring May....

So far May has brought about some fabulously crazy things in our house...

1. Cash turned TWO! He got rid of his pacifier a week before turning the big t-w-o, but picked up an attitude to compensate. Major yikes on that one. Fits galore!

2. Remember all those posts after I had Corrinne about how this whole 2 kids under 2 thing was going better than expected for us. Yeah well that was because the girl didn't GO anywhere! Life with 2 MOBILE kids under 2 is scary. Pray for us. (Not only is she crawling - army style - but she's pulling herself up.)

3. Our best friends, Matt & Jill, welcomed their first baby this morning and Noelle is absolutely precious! There is nothing better in a friendship than watching your besties become parents. I'm kind of crazy when it comes to babies being born. For real.

4. Operation Grow Out My Hair 2010 came to a screeching halt on Monday! The hair is short once again. Lets all release that great big sigh of relief....SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHH!
I feel so much better now.

5. I'm 6 pounds closer to my pre-kids weight! A month ago I decided to start watching what I eat and running or walking 3 times a week. I committed to do that for 8 weeks (that was how long I had until I'm going to be on the beach with the WHOLE family). We are 4 wks in and I'm half-way to my goal - my pre-pregnancy weight. Its exciting and a smidge frightening at the same time because the week I realized I was back at my pre-pg weight after Cash was also the week I found out we were expecting Corrinne. Can you say abstinence?!! ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

To my 2 year old son...

Dear Cash,
Tonight I laid you down to go to sleep as a one year old for the last time. You were so sweet, holding my hand and asking to pray like we do every night at bedtime. You also told me "ni-night" that you love me ("ooo rah!") and then repeatedly asked to go "buh-bye" in the "car-car" when you wake up. :) You're such a social little man.You're growing up so fast and while I'm excited to see you learn and do new things, I wish...just for tonight...I could hold newborn-Cash again. I'd snuggle you, smell you, and kiss your newborn cheeks all night long! (And trust me, you had PLENTY of cheeks to kiss!)
You are the joy of my heart, Cash. My world would be such an empty place without you. I pray that you will grow up healthy and strong; smart and funny (which should be easy - you already have a great sense of humor); and most of all - that you would know how much Jesus loves you and live your life for Him. He loves you even more than your daddy and I do! He thought of you and created you to be YOU and we are so thankful he chose us to be your parents. Don't ever forget those things...
Now if we could work on increasing your daily menu to include more than just chicken nuggets, french fries, cereal, yogurt, fruit, and cheese that'd be great. And sharing really IS fun...
Don't worry, Daddy and I will help you along the way.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I love Today

Last night Drew and I were talking in bed before we fell asleep, since thats usually when we get most of our communicating done, and I mentioned Corrinne's 9 month well-baby appointment on Wednesday and then Cash's 2 year check-up the next week. I sat there for a minute as I let the information digest. In a matter of 3 months we will no longer have formula, bottles, baby food, or a baby carrier in our house. We will have zero infants in our house. Just two TODDLERS. That is not an easy thing for me...(don't even get me started on my ridiculous case of baby fever). I mean, which is worse, right? ;)
I was also reminded of how quickly our kids seem to move into the next "phase". Last night was the first time in months Corrinne let me rock her to sleep - thanks to a mean fever. So in honor of how quickly our time here is moving, I'm making a list of all the reasons I love "today":
  • Cash's nickname for Corrinne - Ninners - and his insistence on hugging her randomly throughout the day.
  • I love how he re-enacts accidents repeatedly to make sure everyone in the family is aware of the fact that he hit his head on the corner of the entertainment center, or that Corrinne fell off the couch (that one was actually funny because I was gone when it happened but thanks to Cash, I know exactly how it happened!), or that I knocked a container of yogurt off the shelf in the fridge and it spilled all over the rug. Nothing gets past you, Cash!
  • I love how Cash asks to watch Elmo's World and then Ellen. What can I say, he's got a great sense of humor. And a love for dancing. What more do you want?!
  • The sound of Corrinne saying "Mama" never gets old.
  • Her belly laugh over the funniest things -- last night it was me blowing my nose. She found it hilarious.
  • the hours from 2:30 - 4:30 every afternoon. Silence really is golden.
  • when Corrinne giggles at Cash while he's in time out. I know I shouldn't laugh but c'mon. You know its funny.
  • Cash's sweet little kisses and random hugs throughout the day. He must get that from his daddy. I'm not much of a "hugger".
  • Corrinne's little voice when she thinks she's talking to us. If only I knew what was going on in that mind of hers. Sometimes I'm pretty sure she's telling us off...
  • Bath time - lots of squealing, splashing, laughing, and bubbles! Plus they smell really good afterwards.
  • Cash's high-pitched voice he uses when talking to Corrinne. My favorite was a few days ago when poor little Coco had a bad diaper rash and was crying because I was cleaning her up. Cash got the tube of medicine, came over and knelt down and said, "wan some med, ninne? wan some med???"
  • The picture Cash handed me after class on Wednesday night - its "flowers" made of cut-outs of his sweet, chubby hands glued onto a paper with stems and flower pot colored by Cash. Its hanging on the fridge now, but it'll definitely go into a keepsake box.
  • Their sweet smiles and laughter.
Some days are not all rainbows and smiles and I admit sometimes I wish they were older for whatever reason. But I know all too soon they'll be too big to carry (Cash is almost there) or won't want to hold my hand anymore. So for now I'll cherish each moment - the pretty and the not-so-pretty...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday! - Favorite Things About Summer

#1 Laying by the Pool
Whats not to love about a lazy afternoon with the sun shining down on you as you lazily float around in a pool? Well, thats not exactly what my days at the pool will be like for the next several years. Kids don't like to lay out for some reason... ;) Nonetheless, we will be spending plenty of time in the sun this summer and I can't wait!

What a cute, chubby-cheeked little man! Hard to believe he'll be 2 in a couple weeks.

#2 Camping!
This may come as a surprise to some of you - especially my husband - but thanks to Drew I've become a big fan of camping. Its cheap, quiet, and very relaxing. And if we follow my rules -- there's always a pool. :)
I even camped at 7 months pregnant last summer!

Cash's favorite napping spot for the weekend.

I am so looking forward to this summer! Last summer was a blur as we looked at houses, bought a house, moved, and then had a baby. There wasn't a whole lot of time to just relax. So this summer we have major plans to redeem ourselves. There will be a huge family vacation in June, a guys camping trip in July, Baby Girl's 1st birthday in August and countless bbq's, fireworks, play dates at the pool, and trips to Ritters in between. Thank the LORD for summer.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where's the Febreeze?

Some days I feel like my house smells like a giant dirty diaper.

Today is one of them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guess what day it is...?!


Thanks to Dave Ramsey's affect on our marriage and budget, today's topic comes quite easy for me - we're discussing our top 2 favorite items under $15!

1. Nail Polish
Koala Berry

Buying a new shirt, some new shoes, or new bag isn't always in our budget (hello - living on one income here!). But every once in awhile I just want something new to excite things around here. Lately I've been buying nail polish - its a cheap way to feel like you've just splurged on yourself. My toes are sporting OPI's Koala Berry and at $4.99/bottle this is one of my Under $15 Faves!

2. The Son of a Sailor Salad

You all know I love food! One of my favorite meals recently was the Son of a Sailor Salad from Cheeseburger in Paradise. At first glance its just a salad, but with the asparagus, wonton strips, and balsamic vinaigrette its definitely one of my Under $15 favorites! Just thinking about it makes it feel like summer time outside...

What are your favorite items under $15? Obviously I have others but for here and now those are my faves. I'd love to hear about yours. C'mon! Join in!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

La la la-la! La la la-la!

I need you to sit down before you read the next sentence because when this thought crossed my mind the room started spinning and I got all light-headed... In about 3 weeks we will have a 2 year old. (Take a moment. Breathe. Breeeaaathe.) Insane, isn't it? There are so many thoughts that go through my mind when I consider that 2 whole YEARS have passed since I met my little Cashers. It seems like it all just happened. But maybe thats because I relive it every night when I go check on him before I go to bed, or when he flashes his ornery grin at me, and definitely when I get a precious little "Ooo rah!" before bedtime. (sigh)
Cash has just recently become interested in television. Thankfully his one and only favorite show is Sesame Street - one that I find completely tolerable and occasionally hilarious! (Paul Rudd was just on last week. Hysterical!) He LOVES when that furry little red monster comes on the screen and without fail, jumps on our ottoman to "play the piano" with Elmo during his closing number. Then he hands me the remote and says, "More Elmo!". (Children these days. Blessed with the technology to rewind live television.) I'm not even ashamed to say we watch 2 episodes of Sesame Street back to back every single morning.
I've always had an aversion to kids items with TV characters on them. I'm just not a huge fan. But when your kid loves don't really care. And so birthday party #2 will be all things Elmo! I just placed my order for Elmo invites, and cone party hats. There will be a cake in the shape of Elmo's face, and Elmo party packs for the kiddies!
And so the countdown to ElmoPalooza begins!!! It'll be rockin'!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Normally, this would be known as Taco Bell Tuesday. But since Lilly's hubby was off work today, we're post-poning our Tuesday play date to Thursday. And since we're all trying to lose some baby weight, we won't be eating Taco Bell. Boo! I know, I'm bummed too.
So anyways, my girl Laura has been participating in Top 2 Tuesdays for awhile now and I thought I'd join in on the fun!

This week's topic is Beauty Secrets! So here we go...

#1 Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizer
Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

I know this may seem like just plain old lotion, but after spending a small fortune on any and every body lotion on the market, this one quickly became my favorite. Other lotions I had tried made me feel greasy or sticky. This one absorbs quickly and keeps you feeling moisturized all day long! Also I appreciate that it doesn't have that stinky "I'm supposed to smell good but I don't" scent to it. It has a nice, fresh non-scent (if that makes sense). Well worth the $7 price tag!

#2 TRESemme 24 Hr Body Foaming Mousse
TRESemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse 8.1 oz (229 g)

Apparently I missed out on the good hair genes and inherited some majorly fine hair. There's lots of it...but its super fine. So products like the above come in quite handy, especially when I'm growing these lifeless locks out to please the hubster. ;) I decided to pick up this mousse a week or ago and it has not let me down...literally! Most mousses give me volume when I style it and 20 min after being outside and its flat again. Not with this one! I feel like it looks good all day long! This just validates my love for its sister product, the Extra Hold Hairspray. TRESemme, you hold my heart. I mean hair.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Sometimes I feel bad for other people because their kids just aren't as cute as mine. Which, I can say that because I know every mom out there has had that exact same thought before. Its ok. We'll all believe our children are the smartest, brightest, funniest, and clearly most adorable. But really, mine are. Seriously. ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Score one for the Grandmas

Apparently the fact that I gained almost 50 lbs, labored all night and pushed a whole hour before being wheeled into an operating room where my abs were forever changed by one swift slice, then sacrificed my once perky "twins" for breastmilk goodness means nothing to Cash. Because on Sunday, the only person he wanted to hold his hand, walk him to class, and pick him up from class was Nana. Don't get me wrong, my mother-in-law is a fantastic grandma. That has just never happened before. Then to add insult to injury, last night when I calmly reminded Cash that splashing water out of the tub was not allowed he exclaimed. "I want Mamaw." . Apparently my mom is Cash's saviour in times of discipline. (Or maybe she just lets him get away with way more than mommy!)

At least its the grandmas I'm losing to. I can remember spending the night with my grandma and getting homesick at bedtime. Grandma told me that it was all good because Grandma is the next best thing to Mommy. Plus she let us have all the Mt. Dew we wanted. Perhaps thats where my addiction started...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello, My Name is Bethany and...

You know you're addicted when you bundle up your two babies and take them out on the coldest day of the week in your pajamas minus makeup, clean teeth and a bra...all for a delicious large Mt. Dew from Taco Bell.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is it about a sleeping baby on your chest that makes you feel like all is right with the world?

I'm pretty sure thats what Heaven's like.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Move over, Rachel McAdams!

Last night, I had an epiphany.
I was reading Laura's blog over at Lilly Loves about her two favorite celebrity styles. (She chose Rachel McAdams and Lauren Conrad, in case you're interested.) That got me thinking, who would I choose? I had no clue! I love clothes and up until that particular moment, thought of myself as a fashionable person. I mean, I'm not cutting edge or anything but I don't think I fall into the "still wearing the kind of clothes I wore in high school" category either. I shut the computer down and got into bed thinking of my friends who, like Laura, always have the cutest clothes, perfect accessories, and latest hair style. Am I living in cave? How do I miss these things? I watch cable TV, read dumb gossip mags, and am always browsing clothes online. How have I strayed so far out of the fashion loop?
I shared my concern over my closet's contents to Drew when I got in bed. Not surprisingly, he didn't get it. What he does get though is that he married a girl who likes to have cute clothes and gets REALLY excited over a sweater, fun necklace, or adorable sandals. We decided there were several culprits in this crime:
A. I've been pregnant, nursing, and or getting rid of a pregnant body for the last 2 years.
B. All of our money has gone towards diapers, formula, baby clothes, or other frivolous things such as food, gas, and a mortgage.
and C. Who wants to take a double stroller into the mall when places like Target and Walmart have carts?!
But I mean, honestly, can I trust the buyers for Walmart & Target to carry things that are truly "in style"? That is the real question. I'm just not sure. So I have promised myself to start branching out a bit, I'm gonna get a good double stroller and march myself into the mall and see if I can't update myself a bit. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying everything at Target & Walmart is outdated. Obviously my closet and bank account would show that I feel otherwise. I'm just thinking I could probably benefit from thinking outside the box a little...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink

I think the Holy Spirit isn't the only thing manifesting itself in our church's members if you know what I mean! We've been through 2 boxes of the Dayquil/Nightquil combo pack, if that tells you anything. And I think I'm finally coming down from my cold medicine high long enough to catch you up to date.
Drew & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last week, as you saw in my previous post. We've crammed a lot into the first 3 yrs of our married life and I have to say, I'm looking forward to some down time. :) You all know that I live and breathe for our children and am so glad God planned it out the way He did, but this was the first anniversary Drew and I celebrated without a baby on the way. And we lived it up! We devoted a weekend to just the 2 of us. Here are some snap shots from our time together...

This was right before we had breakfast @ Sophia's House of Pancakes - our favorite breakfast place. Of course, it was noon by the time we got there but that didn't stop us! (Corrinne had started running a fever the night before we were supposed to leave, so I wanted to take her in to the after-hours clinic before we left to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. Which set us back about 2 1/2 hrs. Oh, motherhood.)
Next stop was the Oliver Winery in Bloomington, IN. If you haven't been there before, you need to go! Its so nice - they have complimentary tastings and tours and a cute little stone patio and picnic area around a lake for you to enjoy your cheese, bread, and wine. I'm not a huge wine drinker, but our favorite was definitely the Creekbend Traminette. If you get a chance - try it!
This was after we enjoyed dinner at Stone Creek and had just gotten back to our hotel room. It was fun to remember what it was like to date Drew. (Not that hotel rooms were ever included in "dating Drew".) Even though I can't stand it when his toenails touch me or when he leaves the kids' clothes laying on their changing table right next to their hampers, he's still my absolute best friend in the whole world and my favorite person to be around. As I wrote in his card, being married to Drew is the most fun I've ever had.
These two are so much fun to watch together! Since Corrinne is able to do a lot more Cash has really started including her in his life. He always gives her some toys when he gets some out of the toy basket, and is sure to be very gentle with her. He's tried to share his snacks with her, but we try to explain since she STILL has no teeth she can't have those just yet. And just yesterday morning - this is my favorite - I heard him calling for me from his room. He was saying, "Mom! Mama!....Ma? Dada? Dad!!.....DaaaaaaDa! (long silence) Ninne?" I had to giggle at the thought of Corrinne going in and getting Cash out of bed.
This is just my most recent favorite picture of Corrinne! She's 7 months old now and getting so big! She's almost 18 lbs and is rolling everywhere. She's pretty easy-going but has a definite opinion. She loves music and dances whenever she hears it. She think its funny when Cash cries (poor Cash) and loves bouncing in her exersaucer!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The best love story I've ever heard...

Our wedding day, March 9, 2007.

Weekend Trip to Chicago, August 2007.

April, 2008

Becoming parents - May, 2008

Cash's 1st Birthday, May 2009

Meeting Corrinne, August 2009

December, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Drew! I love you more than you'll ever know...