Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had lunch with one of my very best friends and her two little munchkins this afternoon. As we were sitting in Chick-fil-a doling out torn up chicken nuggets, blowing on french fries, and retrieving sippy cups over and over it was hard to remember the nights we would stay up till 1 am talking while the boys played xbox... or trying to learn the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. We've seen each other through failed relationships (mine), exciting job opportunities (hers), and bad haircuts (mine again). She stood by me on my wedding day, was one of the first to know I was pregnant for the first time and pretty much everything in between. I love that here we are, moms of 2, wives, nearing our 30's and yet we're still the same crazy, fun-loving girls we were 6 years ago when we first became friends.
She shared a story with me today that I will never forget and will always hold close to my heart. Her grandmother told her about a book she'd recently read while they were together over the holiday. It was about a christian family who had somehow lost their 4 year old son. Amazingly, he was revived. (Sorry I don't know all the details about how he died or why.) Throughout the course of several months after he came back he would start talking about things and eventually they realized he was talking about heaven. Unlike an adult, who would want to share every detail with you right away, this little boy would just randomly remember something about it and start talking about it as if his parents knew.
One day while he was playing this little boy told his mom, "Mommy, I saw my sister." His mom wasn't sure what he was talking about, "You don't have a sister, honey." "Yes, I do. She told me she died while she was in your belly." At some point in their marriage his parents had lost a baby, early enough they didn't realize it was girl.
As of November 20, Drew and I have a baby in heaven. A baby we weren't planning to have but desperately wanted. A baby that will always hold a special place in our hearts, and a baby that I can't wait to meet. But in the meantime,  I like to think that he or she is running around with all the other babies waiting to meet their mommies & daddies. And laying in the lap of the King. Safe and sound.


L said...

Oh Bethany. I'm so sorry. Beautiful post. Crying at my desk at school.

Laura Farr said...

I'm so sorry. But what an amazing hope to cling to.

Sarah said...

Oh, Bethany. I love you friend.