Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Photos

About a month ago, one of my good friends who happens to also be a fantastic photographer (along with full time nurse, wife, and mom. I know, she needs a cape.) came over one morning and took photos of our little family straight out of bed. Well... I may have put on a bit of bronzer and mascara.... and brushed my teeth and did my hair... but everyone else was fresh out of bed. ;) Sarah had the idea to do a lifestyle shoot - she just basically followed us around and took pictures of us being "us". It was one of the most relaxed photo sessions we've been a part of and the result was awesome! So awesome in fact that a big time photographer all the way out in Vegas noticed and featured the shoot on her blog, Evoking You.

I'm so thankful to have Sarah as my friend, for so many reasons that have nothing to do with photography or blogs, but especially for the gift she gave us in photographs that will be memories held dear to my heart for years to come. (Namely the photos of Cash snuggling his blankie, Corrinne's sleepy eyes with her paci, and the kids snuggling my growing belly.)

You can check out the photos along with some more of Sarah's work here.

Thank you, again, Sarah! We love you and are so proud of you!!!

PS. Be watching for Baby H's newborn photos here in about 6 weeks. AHHHH!!


Jodi said...

CANNOT WAIT for those newborn photos! The lifestyle ones were FABULOUS, by the way. Love you!
:) Jodi

Kristen McG said...

I had seen them on her facebook page--- amazing and incredible. By far my favorite of her work yet (and she's excellent!). :) You have a beautiful family!

Kristen McG said...

PS- ditching the C's for #3? I did the same thing-- corban, cate, and then through everyone for a loop with Nora James. :)