Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For I am His and He is mine...

Just like every earthly relationship, sometimes my relationship with Christ experiences a dry spell as I call it. Much like a dry spell in my marriage, we still talk daily, still enjoy each other's company...but the butterflies or passion for my Lord was gone.  Sadly, this happened without me even knowing it until last week I got an email from a girl I work with. She was feeling the Lord calling her to do more for her coworkers and she was asking for specific ways she could pray for each of us (another reason I love working at Transformations - its really NOT just a job to these people, its a ministry). Instantly I knew thats what I needed prayer for so I wrote her back explaining the situation and just that I needed "joy of my salvation" restored to me. That was Monday night. The next evening I went to worship practice at church where we were working on our songs for Easter Sunday. We sang an older song (newer to our congregation) entitled, "In Christ Alone". Just singing the words to this song gave me an overwhelming sense of joy, victory over Satan, peace, and love --- the joy of my salvation! I'm so thankful for a Lord who loves me with overwhelming and exceeding passion and joy even when mine seems to have dissipated! I've added the song to my playlist at the bottom of this screen...enjoy! 

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