Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notes from the Under-belly: Week 20

How far along: 20 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: as of my last appt (18 wks) I hadn't gained anything yet. But I'm pretty sure that will NOT be the case at my next appt, April 7th. 

Maternity clothes: Still wearing my jeans with the assistance of the wonderful "belly band". 

Stretch marks: Nope. 

Sleep: Still going strong! But I do find myself waking up around 3:30 and 5 and have a hard time going back to sleep...wonder if those will be her awake times as well. 

Best moment this week: Drew got to feel her move! I was laying on the couch Sunday evening and was able to tell where she was laying and he felt her rolling around and she even gave him a "hello" jab. :) 
We also found out she's getting a little boy cousin a few weeks after she's born - Dave & Ashley are having a boy!

Movement: Lots of it! Especially when I eat and lay down to go to sleep. She also doesn't like the seatbelt squishing her. 

Food cravings: Nothing too crazy - burgers, grilled chicken, and deli sandwiches (turkey, egg salad, tuna salad). 

Gender prediction: Its a GIRL!!!! 

Labor signs: No, thank goodness.

Belly button: still in

Wedding rings: still on

Milestones: Our baby is now the size of a canteloupe and can suck her thumb, is making some meconium (her first poopy diaper - yay!), and is half-way done!!! 

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Meagan Maynard said...

Cutest. Prego. Woman. Ever. Sickening. Glad to hear everything is going well! Congrats on the girl!!!