Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates. Mmmm, Chocolate!

Truth be told, I hardly ever know what day it is. Blame it on (somewhat) sleepless nights, hormones, the sheer fact that I have 2 children under 2. Whatever. Its a fact. But yesterday I was caught off guard by just how quickly time is passing.
Yesterday Megan and I were discussing how glad we are not to be in high school anymore, but how it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we were (in reality its been 8 and 5 years for us!). It feels like I just celebrated my 18th birthday a few years ago..."a few years ago" meaning almost 9. When I'm around women my age who have yet to join the ranks of motherhood, I admit I feel like life is passing me by. They're out living it up in the workplace with their abs still intact and exciting vacations planned while I'm at home wiping boogers and hineys all day long, trying to find something to wear that hides the 12 lbs of baby weight clinging for dear life.
This past Sunday I was convicted on our way to church. Drew had been off work all weekend and wasn't scheduled to go back until Tuesday morning. But there it was Sunday morning and I was mentally trying to prepare myself for this week's schedule and began asking him about his work-week, etc. I had (mentally) skipped over the last day of his "vacation" and was already geared up for him to go back to work. It was right then that I felt God tugging on my heart and saying, "Don't worry about tomorrow...enjoy today." I realized in that instance how often I do skip over today and move right on to preparing for tomorrow and the days to follow without even being guaranteed a tomorrow! Life isn't passing me by; I'm passing by life. Sometimes flying right past it!
This is my life - diapers, spit up, drool, boogers, galore! The kitchen has dirty dishes in the sink, and I have a ton of laundry to do. During the 30 minutes its taken me to write this, I've saved Corrinne from being trampled on by Cash approximately 15 times. And I'm sure I'll "save her life" about 300 times more today...But around 5:00 tonight the most handsome man ever will walk in my front door and greet me with a kiss. We'll enjoy a lovely dinner of stuffed peppers and help some friends celebrate their first baby girl's arrival into the world. Its not an extravagant vacation but we'll have time for those about 20 years. :) And as for those 12 lbs and saggy abs (and saggy other parts of the body we won't mention by name) - I wear them with pride (sometimes) because without them I wouldn't have my beautiful kids. And lets face it - its not natural to be that skinny and have 2 kids. ;)


amanda said...

Great perspective! Believe it does go by much too quickly! I can't believe I have been married 10 years and my babies are 8, 6, and almost 3 years old!

-kate- said...

I love reading your blog!

life as we know it... said...

love it... thank you, i needed that post today...! (oh... and not to worry about the extra weight as 1. I'm sure you look BEAUTIFUL as always, and 2... it's there for the best reason of all --- my neighbor calls it (belly flab) her kangaroo pouch --- because we carried babies there, and we have a good reason to call it that, and not just a muffin top --- which is really just from over-eating --- I like the kangaroo pouch...I'll take it if I must!)

Ashley, John, Lilly and Dakota Sommer said...

you are a fabulous writer! Wish my blog was this interesting, haha. You look beautiful as always and dont need to lose 12 more pounds!!!