Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well I'll just start off this post by letting you know that we have reached the "NO" stage with Cash. And I'm not talking about us telling him no - we've been there for awhile now. No, no...he's now telling us. What a delight. Moving on.
I ventured out of my shell, if you will, and went to the Community South Hospital Breastfeeding Support Group this morning. I went anticipating the La Leche League sitting around the table judging Corrinne's latch, my usage of the hooter hider (I could just hear them whispering, "Just let it hang out. Its the most natural thing in the world."), and finding out she's not getting hardly milk and hasn't gained an ounce in the last 2 months. Thankfully none of that happened. In fact, I didn't even use my hooter hider...turns out, in a room full of women doing the same exact thing I honestly didn't care at all to go au naturale. In a crowded mall is a completely different story. Anyways. I did find out that Corrinne weighs roughly 13 1/2 pounds and is getting around 3.5 ounces at every feeding. Good news! She has her 4 month visit on Tuesday so we'll see what her exact stats are...I know. FOUR MONTHS. So hard to believe. Girlfriend rolled over from back to belly on Wednesday and is now a rollin fool...
In other news, we found out Wednesday night that Cash will be starring in his first on-stage performance in a few weeks! Last fall he joined an elite singing group at church, The Joyful Noise choir. And by joined I mean he started going to the toddler class on Wednesday nights while Drew and I are in bible study. His teachers handed us a paper when we picked him up last night asking us to go over the songs with him in preparation for the kids' christmas program on the 13th. Ha! If only they knew what they were asking me to do...All of the potential stage mother instincts within kicked in and I made a mental promise to go over the songs every day with Cash. We started this evening and much to my surprise he knew all the motions to Away in a Manger! I could barely sing I was laughing so hard. I can't wait to see him on stage on the 13th! Don't worry - the video camera will be out!!!!
I also feel I should make one of my personal goals public as to keep myself accountable. Usually I ask Drew to hold me accountable with these type of things but its involving my weight and lets be honest - there's really no safe way for him to hold me accountable when it comes to losing weight/working out/spending money. Oops...did that last one slip out?! ;) Every year on our anniversary I put my wedding dress on. I know some of you are probably sitting there thinking to yourself, "hasn't she been pregnant every year on their anniversary so far?" and the answer to that question is yes. That didn't stop me. HOWEVER, this year not only will I not be pregnant, but I will be able to fit into my dress like I did on that fateful day almost 3 year ago! Which means, I need to lose about 20 pounds in the next 3 months or so. Yikes. I can do it!!! On that note, I need to go make my coffee cake I'm taking to MOPS in the morning. :) Nighty night...


Simplicity said...

Did you just say, "I won't be pregnant on our anniversary this year," ?????
Uh, oh!
Watch out for God's sense of humor and incredible timing. :)

You know I'm just having fun with you, Bethany!

I love you!

Meagan Maynard said...

You can do it sista! I'm sure that dress will be fitting in no time at all. I used to call the lactation people all the time, never knew there were support groups... hello, awesome... ;)

Bethany said...

Jodi - I had that same thought after typing that sentence. Ha! We'll be taking extra precautions...ha!!