Thursday, May 20, 2010

April Showers bring May....

So far May has brought about some fabulously crazy things in our house...

1. Cash turned TWO! He got rid of his pacifier a week before turning the big t-w-o, but picked up an attitude to compensate. Major yikes on that one. Fits galore!

2. Remember all those posts after I had Corrinne about how this whole 2 kids under 2 thing was going better than expected for us. Yeah well that was because the girl didn't GO anywhere! Life with 2 MOBILE kids under 2 is scary. Pray for us. (Not only is she crawling - army style - but she's pulling herself up.)

3. Our best friends, Matt & Jill, welcomed their first baby this morning and Noelle is absolutely precious! There is nothing better in a friendship than watching your besties become parents. I'm kind of crazy when it comes to babies being born. For real.

4. Operation Grow Out My Hair 2010 came to a screeching halt on Monday! The hair is short once again. Lets all release that great big sigh of relief....SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHH!
I feel so much better now.

5. I'm 6 pounds closer to my pre-kids weight! A month ago I decided to start watching what I eat and running or walking 3 times a week. I committed to do that for 8 weeks (that was how long I had until I'm going to be on the beach with the WHOLE family). We are 4 wks in and I'm half-way to my goal - my pre-pregnancy weight. Its exciting and a smidge frightening at the same time because the week I realized I was back at my pre-pg weight after Cash was also the week I found out we were expecting Corrinne. Can you say abstinence?!! ;)

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L said...

ahhhhhhh....can i be honest? so jealous that you're so close to prebaby weight. sooo jealous. congratulations though! it is such an awesome accomplishment. :) 5 school days till i'm play date-worthy! :) :) :)