Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost halfway there...

This is seriously a HORRIBLE picture of me. Just focus on the bump, ok?

How Far Along: 19 weeks 

Size of baby: 10 inches long now, since the baby is now measured head to toe, instead of crown to rump. Also comparable to the size of a mango. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am officially up one pound! Which means, if this pregnancy is anything like the last 2, I'll be packing on about 40 lbs here in the next 20 weeks... 

Maternity Clothes: Some pants/capris. I can still get by with some non-maternity shirts and pants (using the rubber band trick) but since my sister loaned me some super cute, flattering GAP maternity jeans I've been utilizing them. :) 

Gender: Its a SURPRISE! :) The ultrasound is scheduled for June 1st and while I'm tempted to find out, Drew is holding strong to his desire to be surprised. We'll see what happens on the 1st... ;) 

Movement: YES! And I love it. :) 

Sleep: Sleeping great! And even though my kids sleep consistently until 8, I am wide awake at 7 EVERY morning... can't figure it out. 

What I miss: This is probably going to make some of you gasp, but I'd really love a nice chilled glass of Moscato right now.  I'm not even a huge wine person and hardly ever drink but for some reason when I'm pregnant I crave wine and margaritas.... Crazy! Don't worry, I'm not giving in. ;) 

Cravings: Nestle Crunch bars, turkey subs (thanks to some inspiration from my girl, Dena, we've been making some delicious homemade subs that can put any Subway sandwich to shame), mexican food even though I feel horrible for hours afterwards, and spicy foods -- jalepeno peppers, spicy brown mustard, banana peppers, etc. 


Amanda said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to meet that little one! I miss you all!

SarahAnn said...

WoW! I need to check your blog more often--I HAD NO IDEA you were preggo again! So many congrats, my dear!