Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Corrinne!

Corrinne & Mimi Ellen, the two August 4th birthday girls. :) 

Dear Corrinne, 

Today you are two years old! It doesn't seem possible that two years have passed since you came into our lives, yet we can't imagine life without you. You have grown so much over the last 12 months... most obviously is your hair! You should be so thankful that you no longer are sporting a mullet but usually have your hair in pigtails or a cute pony-tail (Daddy's favorite).

You are very spunky; always dancing, singing, joking around and giggling up a storm! My favorite phrases that you use all the time are: "No way!", "Look, Mom! Over dere!", "Dere's the hopsissal. Where babies are born...", "S'ok, Mom. I wuv you." , and "I want hamburger-burger". 

You can usually find you with at least one purse on your arm, a pair of my shoes on, and a baby doll in your arms. You love "dip doss" (lip gloss) and love to sing!  I'm pretty sure we're going to be attending a few show choir shows when you're in high school. 

You have the sweetest heart and such determination, your daddy and I are praying you use that to bring others to Christ. One thing is for sure, God's got a plan for your life, sweet girl. And I'm loving getting a front row seat at watching that unfold. 

Enjoy being two, my big girl! I love being your mommy! 

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