Thursday, November 20, 2008

Break out the Bing

I'm not sure if you're all aware but I love christmas. Love it. In fact, I actually teared up in the christmas section at TJMaxx last Sunday because I just absolutely love this time of year. (I might add that mom had just wound up a snowglobe and it was playing 'O Come All Ye Faithful' and lets be honest - music has a way of pulling at your heart strings.) Its just magical to me. Everything about it: the music, the decorations, the scents, the warm feeling you get when everyone's together laughing and enjoying being a family. And yes, I'm completely aware that I sound like a hallmark card. Anyways, you get the point.

I've started listening to christmas music and came across this little dandy - 'Joseph's Lullaby' by MercyMe. You'll find it on the playlist at the bottom of this screen. Absolutely beautiful. I urge to take a listen and really listen to the lyrics.

Its a song written from Joseph's point of view as he's rocking baby Jesus to sleep. Isn't it amazing to think of how Mary & Joseph felt as couldn't have been that different from our own joy we felt when we became parents. They were human, afterall. I think sometimes we forget that and automatically assign supernatural characteristics to them since they were the parents of the Most High.

As you listen, I pray that you are blessed with tremendous joy at the gift of our Saviour.

maybe I should work for hallmark.

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Ashley, John, Lilly and Dakota Sommer said...

hey bethany...i just discovered your blog. I did you sisters hair tonight and we were talking about blogs (i have one on lilly too)and she said you had one. SO i looked you up :) Your little guy is just precious!!!