Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Since I'm awesome at thank-you notes...

It is 11:49pm on this Thanksgiving Eve and I'm waiting on Drew to come to bed. He's such a great husband - he's in the kitchen washing the crock pot for me since I need it first thing tomorrow morning. Anyways, tonight I was explaining to Cash that tomorrow is Thanksgiving - a day where we tell God "thank you" for everything He's given us. So, to practice what I preach I've created the following list. A list of mini thank-you notes, if you will...

Thanks, God, for...
  • Loving me, finding me, saving me, healing me, putting up with me...this list goes on and on.
  • my husband. He is more than I ever could've imagined praying for. I'm so glad You know me better than I know myself! 
  • my beautiful baby boy. So many times I'm reminded how lucky I am to have a healthy child. I'm working on remembering that when he's extra whiney or refusing his naps.
  • my family. They truly are my best friends and I wish we got to spend more time together.
  • making me a woman. I know this may sound weird, but I love that I have a tender heart and sensitive soul because it helps even out things in my marriage; I love that I got to experience the joys (and annoyances) of pregnancy - even though I gave up my size 5's in exchange - and would do again in an instant,  I love looking at decorating and fashion magazines and envisioning my dream house and trying to imitate an "LA look" on an Indy budget, and I love that there's something different about "mommy" when Cash is upset. 
  • Target! I know their return policy is annoying, but maybe You could talk to the head honcho about easing up on that a bit? 
  • our jobs! I know sometimes I complain (only to You) about giving up time with Cash, but I know this job is perfect for our family right now and such a blessing. 
  • disposable diapers! Holy NIGHT...there have been so many times I've silently thanked you over this one. Lordy, does our kid stink sometimes!!!
  • toothpaste. 
  • CHOC-O-LATE!!!!!! 
There are so many things I could and want and NEED to thank God for, but this is just a beginner list. Its getting late and I have to get up early to get food cookin, but I hope this list has, if anything, inspired you to send a shout-out to God for all the blessings He's given you...

Happy Thanksgiving! 


Simplicity said...

that list is awesome! i wish i would have thought of making a list like that! it's probably not too late to do it, but i'm kinda busy right now. we just put up our Christmas tree (William just hugged it! lol) and now i'm getting to go out and watch Astronaut Farmer. (great movie!) see you Sunday!


ps. i saw that you liked my hair! and thanks!!

annie said...

too cool, b! what a great idea, and a great list :) I can agree with a lot of those things! And I love the "something different about mommy"... so perfect! I hope all is well with you and your cute little fam... I still would love to see you and meet Mr. Cash someday... but I DO know this time of year is bonkers... so let's try and get together in the new year. K? Love you much and have a wonderful day!