Monday, February 9, 2009

Making a run for the border...everyday

Since tomorrow is my first official day in the 2nd trimester, it makes sense that I'd be so food-obsessed this weekend. My friend, Meagan, was recently self-diagnosed with BPS - Bottomless Pit Syndrome. I think I caught it from her! (Actually, I guess I caught it from Drew....bahaha!) Anyways, it seems like I wake up thinking about food and go to sleep wondering what I'll eat for breakfast. Pure madness, I tell you. Although a pleasant change from the "nothing sounds good, it all makes me wanna puke" phase from a few weeks ago. I'll take it! 
And apparently The Deuce loves her some mexican!  While dad was throwin' it down in his sermon yesterday (which was REALLY good - he's on fire these days!) I was wiping my mouth as it watered over the thought of chicken tacos from El Rodeo. But my BIGGEST craving is for none other than....TACO BELL.  I want it all - mexican pizzas, cheesy fiesta potatoes, zesty chicken bowl, cinnamon twists. And a medium Mt. Dew, please. 
I decided to do a little research online to see how many calories are in some of my TB favorites. By the way - does anyone else think it's kinda weird that fast food places have websites??? I mean, it was handy for the nutritional value but seriously? What else do they need it for? Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of my favorites really aren't that unhealthy for you. Sure, there are probably better choices I could make but for a fast food place (and one with such a bad rep at that) it's not too shabby! Although they didn't have a listing for a mexican pizza...that could be the kicker. However, they have raised their prices! Holy Toledo! It cost me almost $7 for a mexican pizza, taco supreme, and medium mt. dew. 
Anyways, I realize this post has no real substance and if you've made it this far - we must be really good friends. So for family checking in here's a quick update:

  • Cash is crawling! He's also saying Hi, Hey, Dada (even when I ask him to say Mama), Yay, and when you put him in his high-chair he says "e!e!e!" which sounds a lot like eat. 
  • The Deuce is doing great - heard the heartbeat again last week, 146 this time and measuring right on track! 
Ok, the kid is sleeping so I'm gonna get cleaned up so we can get outta this house and enjoy the spring weather! And possibly hit up the TB drive-thru... ;)

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Meagan Maynard said...

2nd Trimester already? wow. I didn't realize that. And yes, it's funny that fast food places have websites... I've never thought of it before. ha!