Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello, again!

Its been awhile! I guess I've been waiting on something new, exciting, funny, or thought-provoking to happen and spur on a post idea. But unfortunately that hasn't been the case...or if it did happen, I missed it! So for now, you'll have to settle for some pictures that kind of wrap up the last month or so...

Cash is no longer bound by some silly infant carrier! He's a big boy! And as you can see, quite excited about that.

Such a handsome face! Don't worry - he's getting a haircut tonight! 

Drew and I have been married for 2 years now! We celebrated by going to dinner and staying at the Hilton downtown for an evening! It was a great time of relaxation for us, but we missed Cash a LOT! Cash loved staying at Memaw & Papaws for the night and did great!

Before leaving for our anniversary dinner, Drew wanted to get a belly picture. So here I am at 18 wks. 

Happy Anniversary to us!

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