Saturday, May 16, 2009

Icing on the cake

Growing up, birthdays were a big deal. And still are! December 20th is MY DAY. And you better not mess with it. I get a full 24 hours. And so do you on YOUR day. Thats just how I was naturally, Cash is getting his glory day and that just happens to be tomorrow. (His birthday was last week, but due to Mother's Day and other scheduling conflicts the celebration is tomorrow.) So tonight began the preparations...meaning, his cake. The cake he will be wearing and just maybe get a little taste of (if any lands in his mouth). ;) 
A few posts ago I talked about the unknowns of motherhood and tonight I added another one to the list: baking a birthday cake and decorating it is WAY harder than it looks! Props to mom & dad for always having stellar cakes for us kids. My children will most likely be getting store-bought cakes, unless I can talk my sister-in-law into baking them for me. (What do you say, Amanda?!) I've added some pictures to allow you to see just what I mean...

this is precisely why I bake sheet cakes - filled those pans a little too full. Oops! 

But no worries! The spillage stuck to the cookie sheet allowing these cakes to be salvaged. Ha!

Starting to look more and more like an actual cake.

This is where the fun came in: decorating. I definitely don't have a future on Ace of Cakes. Dang it. (Please note, this was the 'practice cake'.)

The finished product!! Simple, but cute. And hey - it'll taste good. :)

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