Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey, Coco! Slow your roll!

A week from today Corrinne will officially be 6 months old. As if its not enough to know that we're already through the first half of her first year, she decided to start showing off and has conquered four milestones this week. As in, since Sunday...4 days ago. Smarty pants.

First milestone: Deciding she'd rather sleep on her stomach. We've known she could roll over for awhile but she hadn't done it in her sleep yet...until last Sunday morning. I went in to get her up and instead of being at 3:00 (if you're looking at clock) she was at high noon, on her belly, mostly swaddled (translation: with one arm tightly wrapped), face pressed up against the bumper. It was like an ad for SIDS awareness. We nipped that in the bud. (Nipped it in the bud? butt? I don't know - we nipped it.) Which leads me to our next milestone...

Second milestone: No more swaddle! Sunday night we removed the bumper (which according to my Parents magazine should be done by the time your child is 4 months old. Oops.) and went cold turkey on the swaddle. We rocked her to sleep, laid her down, prayed, tip-toed out of her room and prepared to be up most of the night listening to her yell at us through the monitor. At some point I woke up just enough to realize I hadn't heard anything from her, freaked out momentarily, went in to check on her and found her sound asleep. I tip-toed back out, went back to sleep and woke up to the sound of her talking, laughing, and singing around 7:30 am. Not only is this momentous because of the no swaddle, but also because...

Third milestone: Sleeping through the night! Corrinne had a bad habit of waking up several times in the night only to need her paci replaced, a quick squeeze and then she was good. But she's such a big girl now, she's good with just one good night squeeze when we lay her down. Which is fine with me! Last night was a little rough, but we were only up with her once and she was even able to soothe herself back to sleep (another first!). She's slept completely through the night every other since Sunday! Its so nice to be reminded of what its like to lay down, go to sleep, and wake up after the sun comes up.

and lastly,

Fourth milestone: Little miss isn't so little anymore so today before we left for play date, I took the newborn cushion and head support out of the car seat and moved her straps up. Unfortunately I think we're a few weeks behind in doing this, since she was looking pretty squished in there every time we buckled her in! She seems to like it considering she's STILL asleep in it even though we've been home from play date for almost 2 hours.

While I'm glad she's reaching milestones as she should, it's still hard to believe she's so big already. With Cash I was so eager for him to get to the next stage that I was often ready before he was so it felt like I was waiting on him to grow up. With Corrinne, I feel like she's running ahead of me and I'm trying to keep up...When I think of how quickly these last 6 months have gone, it makes me realize the next 6 will go by even faster. Pretty soon we'll be out on our deck on a beautiful August day singing Happy Birthday to a chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed, brunette with lots of icing on her face. And how glorious it will be....

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