Friday, January 22, 2010

I've learned some interesting things since we last met...

1. No matter how many times a person walks up and down their stairs at home, you should never be too confident in your footing. I'm still walking gingerly and have a lovely bruised and slightly swollen ankle to prove it...

2. Do not ever give your toddler a Fiber One bar...unless you won't be the one to change the diaper that comes soon after. If you are the one that has to change it - wear protective masks and clothing.

3. Our next child (the one we're planning on having in 2012) will never be swaddled in hopes of avoiding the night-time drama we're currently having with Corrinne - slowly breaking her of the comfy, snug (especially when the baby is almost 16 lbs!) swaddling blanket. We've successfully gotten her used to only having ONE arm in the swaddle. I have a feeling we'll pay for it when we try to go all night with BOTH arms out. Please pray for us.

4. There are approximately 250 calories in a 2" square brownie. And if I decide to skip breakfast in order to save my calories so I can still be under "budget" at the end of the day, so be it!

5. Drew and I are currently learning Cashese - it seems Cash has his own language. (Look for ways you too can learn it on the next Rosetta Stone commercial.) The following encounter took place last night:
(Cash, driving his car, pulls up next to Bethany - aka "Mama" - on the couch.)
Cash: Bye, Bye, Mama!
Bethany: Bye, Cash! See you later!
Cash: OOOH Raah! ("Love You")
To the untrained ear, it would sound like he was a Marine. But a mommy's heart knows better.


Laura said...

I laughed out loud when I read the fiber one bar story. Holy crap...lierally. :)

Laura said...

dang it!!! LITERALLY!