Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say, WHAT?

Earlier this morning I took Cash to the dermatologist. He's got some really bad acne and I was thinking maybe we could get some Retin-A prescribed for him or something.

Just kidding!

He's got a mild case of molescum - similar to a wart but not as gross (in my opinion). They're little pimple-like bumps spread by a virus, much like the wart. He only has 6-8 and they're all on his face so our pediatrician recommended visiting a pediatric dermatologist to treat them. She gave me 2 options:

1. Freeze them off. In her words, "It does sting so we'd just need to hold him down and freeze 'em off really fast." Not happening.

2. A cream you apply once a night that gets into the immune system and fights off the virus therefore getting rid of the bumps. SOLD!

Cash gets a sucker AND a sticker and we're off to Target to fill his prescription. We browse the store before returning to the pharmacy to pick up the cream when the young pharmacy tech calls me over...

She quietly says to me, "This is the price of your medication." and points to her paper reading $703. In spite of her hushed tone I exclaim, "Are you SERIOUS?!" still using her library voice she goes on to tell me thats for the generic cream, after insurance, and that I should call our doctor and see if there's something else we can do. I thank her and walk away wondering why she was talking so quietly. Then it dawned on me... The dermatologist had mentioned that cream usually being prescribed for patients with genital warts.


Needless to say, I'm going to be calling the Dr and asking for an appointment to freeze those suckers off. And just might call the Target pharmacy to let them know we won't be needing the $700 cream for my son's MOLESCUM. ahem.


Ashley, John, Lilly, Myllah, and dakota Sommer said...

that happened to us once for an ear infection. Went to redi med to get meds for MY ear infectin (yes, mine) and went to get the medicine that was $350. ya, i didn't get it. my ear didn't hurt that bad. RIdiculous!

SarahAnn said...

BAHAHAHA. I mean, not funny. But hilarious.

Yes! We're pregnant! Won't lie--we were a teensy bit surprised, but I've wrapped my mind around it now and we're super excited. I'm due February 24 which is two days after Trev's birthday, so he's holding out that the baby will be the most awesome birthday present ever.

Great to hear from you! I need to remember to check in on your blog regularly so I can keep up!

L said...


Meagan Maynard said...

hahahah! Oh my. That just made me crack up.

-kate- said...

Bethany, we hosted a little baby from Haiti in 2008 that had the molescum and when we were at Nationwide Children's Hospital they said not to worry about it. Later my boys got it and I (duh!) thought it was warts, and the Dr said they also had the mc. We were told it would go away on its own or we could freeze them. They have gone away on their own. Thank God, but it did take a long time. Just thought I would share with you that we did nothing and are all cleared up now. Good luck, and I love your blog!