Saturday, January 22, 2011

As I pat myself on the back

Usually by the time we hit Saturday, which in our world is known as Wednesday since Drew works every Saturday and has every Wednesday off, I'm pretty much out of ideas for fun things to do with the kids at home. So we go out. Chick-fil-a is a popular hot spot since it has the play place and my beloved, Sweet Tea. But today I humored my Burger King lovin' kids and let them get "chicken n fries, the blue tind", as Cash calls it (the roof on every Burger King is blue). As I was buckling them into their car seats after filling their tummies with delicious (and not so nutritious) chicken tenders and fries, I suggested we go to Target and see if we could find some good deals! Cash had an interesting suggestion on the way there, "Maybe we can get Avatar and give it to Daddy!" I was as surprised as you are. Even though he's only seen maybe 20 minutes of the movie, he supposedly loves it and always asks to watch it. Hilarious what this kid comes up with these days.
Anyways, I walked into Target with a list in my head of items needed: toilet paper. And as usual, I walked out with several other items that were added to the list while I was in the store. ;) I ended up with 2 winter coats (one for each kid for next winter), a fleece for Cash and of course, toilet paper. (If I hadn't been on a strict 30 minute time limit, I would've bought more!) My total was $18 and the most expensive item purchased was the 12 pack of toilet paper. 

Oh, how I love Target's clearance! 


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That is wonderful! I wish our target wasn't 30 minutes away!