Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please excuse my absence...

I know it seems like I haven't been blogging much lately. Probably because I haven't. The truth is, I'm not one of those bloggers that can just blog about anything... its gotta be something I feel I need to share. Much like how I can't sing a song unless I feel a certain calling about it. I have to feel it to sing it. Or write it, in this case. I'm sure some of you are probably remembering posts about dragging my kids out in the cold to get a mountain dew or some silly link-party... or whatever its called... about "Top 2 Tuesdays". And yes, I felt convicted to share that information with you. ;)

I do have a post in the works (in my brain, not in word form yet) that will have some type of substance to it.  But like the need for a "calling" I also have to be in the right mood... otherwise words get all jumbled and the whole thing just seems sort of awkward.

no wonder Cash is such a quirky kid. Check out his mom.

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