Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have a heavy Mommy heart tonight

Remember this little man? 

Well he started preschool a few weeks ago! 

He's in the 4 year old class 3 days a week at a local christian school and absolutely loves it! Our little shy guy has totally blossomed into this charming, well behaved, student. I love that he enjoys going to school so much (he seriously had a meltdown last Friday when he realized it wasn't a school day. Loves it.) But my heart does ache a bit knowing how quickly the last four years have passed. The next four will surely pass just as fast, if not faster. Not cool! 

 And sweet little 3 day old Corrinne? 

She's a sassy, spunky, ears-pierced, lip gloss loving, 13 year old in a 3 year old body! ;) 
My heart aches for newborn Corrinne tonight as she's laying in her crib for the last time. I remember her first night in her crib. And even though we've waited REALLY long to make the transition into a big girl bed, it seems like its here way too soon. 

Ohhh, sweet little Anniston! 

I knew from experience how quickly the days would pass, but it doesn't seem right that in a matter of weeks you'll turn ONE! This has, no doubt, been the shortest year of my life! I fear that my memories of you as a baby will be blurry because of everything else going on. I pray that God will somehow grant me supernatural powers to memorize every facial expression, every funny little thing you do, every sweet snuggle and kiss I get from your slobbery lips. You are such a sweet baby. 

I recently had a fellow mom tell me that the days are long but the years are short. Thats the best description of motherhood I've ever heard. I know too often I find myself feeling frustrated with the busyness of my days, the constant cycles of dishes, laundry, diaper changes, time outs, and bottles. But I'm not that anxious to trade that in just yet. I'm praying now more than ever that God would allow me to focus on my kids. To spend more time reading to them, playing make believe with them, and just laughing with them, being present with them. Who cares about dishes, right? Clean clothes are overrated. Right? 

Im off to snuggle Annie before she gets any bigger... 

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