Friday, August 24, 2012

The BIG 3!

 Oh, my sweet Corrinne. How did you go from this...

to this...


I can hardly believe my sweet little chubby cheeked girl is a big three year old complete with pierced ears and a big girl hair cut. You are such a bright spot in so many people's lives. I love the vibrance in your laughter, everything you say is with such conviction, and you are full of personality. 

You still love to sing and dance, and most recently you've added an imaginary microphone (most often used in when singing in the car) and you love to play air guitar. Your favorite songs are "Lord, I'm Amazed", "Oh, Happy Day", and "Young" by Fun. You're a big Coldplay fan and frequently ask to listen to Kari Jobe - your current fave is "Scars" and you LOVE "God's Not Dead" by the Newsboys. You love all things pink, ballet, and baby dolls. You usually have about 5 layers of lip gloss on and at least one tube in your hand, just in case you need a touch-up! Your nails are usually always painted and you are loving temporary tattoos! At your 3 year check-up both the nurse and Dr. Blanchard thought you had a bruise on your forearm and were so relieved to find out it was just your Strawberry Shortcake tatt. ;) 

Corrinne, as I always say - Your Daddy and I feel so blessed to have been given the gift of being your parents. You are always teaching us so much about parenthood. You are quite the strong-willed little lady...and thats ok! Frustrating at times, but ok because you also have the biggest heart and can be such a sweetheart. Never forget that God had written all of your days before a single one came to pass and He loves you more than your daddy and I ever could. Continue to pray to Him, continue to seek His will and learn His word. 

I love you sweet girl, 

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