Monday, December 15, 2008

Its been awhile

The holidays are in full swing around here, which means we've been BUSY! Thanksgiving seems like it FLEW by, but we had a great time spending time with my family eating, laughing, and doing some serious shopping! :) I'm so glad Christmas is just 10 days away so I can see my favorite people all over again. Those times don't come often enough, or last long enough...

Here is just a taste of what Christmas looks like at our house. We had lots of fun showing Cash all the different decorations and explaining to him the fun of Christmas. Of course, it'll be a few more years before he really "gets" it, but he still likes looking at our tree and stockings. 

My man is growing up! ;) Drew turned 28 last Wednesday. He couldn't wait so I let him open his presents at 11:45 Tuesday night. As you can see in the picture below, he was pretty excited...
The Sunday before I arranged for him to have an entire day with "the guys". He met up with them after church at BW3's to eat wings and watch the Colts game. Then they caught a showing of The Dark Knight (even though he'd already seen it TWICE before, in the theaters!), and followed that up with dinner at another favorite of his - Qdoba. We ended the evening at our house with cheesecake and friends. I think he had a pretty good day! Wednesday even Mom & Dad graciously agreed to watch Cash so we could go to dinner at PF Changs. Delish! And having a night out for just the 2 of us is always great. :) 

And finally, our baby is growing up! Cash was 7 months old on Thursday. I can't believe in just 5 months we will have a 1 yr. old! It's crazy to think of all the changes he'll go through that amount of time...He has successfully sprouted his two bottom teeth and is babbling up a storm! Its so funny to hear. I'll try to get it on video for you. We've gotten a "dada" in there more than a few times and much to my dismay, a "mama" every so often (I think he should be saying it ALL the time!).  He has such a fun personality and I can't wait to see his imagination and creativity come alive. I've heard so many times that each stage is the best, and I can't help but agree. 

I think that pretty much catches you up. I really hate how quickly this time of year passes. I wish I could freeze frame life every once in awhile. :) But enough of that, I've got laundry to put away and gifts to wrap... Merry Christmas! :)


Simplicity said...

I agree with you, Bethany. I wish I could just freeze time sometimes--just be able to enjoy each one in the stage of life that they're in.

That Cash! He is so huggable! Just ask Joshua. He loves him to pieces--he's a regular part of Josh's conversation around here. :)


Bethany said...

That's so cute! We'll have to get the boys together more often. How sweet. :)

Susan said...

I really enjoy reading your blog Bethany. John keeps telling me I should start one but I am boring and wouldn't have anything to write about.

Cash is so cute! I love seeing pictures of him!