Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Someone's always watching...

Last week a woman I do not know congratulated me as I ate my "Med Salad" from Noodles & Co. After I gave her a confused, half-smile she said, "You actually put shoes on your baby! I keep seeing all these young mothers with nothing but socks on their baby. You know it's cold outside. They're little feet must be freezing." I just smiled and said, "Thank you". 
I turned to Jill and said, "She caught me on a good day." Clearly she wasn't at the mall a few weeks ago when Cash was wearing nothing but socks...and only one sock at that. The other is still MIA in Greenwood Park Mall.

And people wonder why guilt is one of the main things a mother struggles with...

side note: Noodles & Co. is good...but slightly over-priced. Just an FYI.


Simplicity said...

Cash always has THE cutest shoes. I think I admire them every time I see them.

My baby is one of those with freezing tootsies. :) I blame it on the fat pads on the tops of his feet. All my babies have had fat feet.

I must agree with you on the guilt thing. You would think that at the age of 40--and with 4 kids--I would be over that.


You are a great Mommy, Bethany--and not because you put shoes on Cash.

Love ya!

Meagan Maynard said...

Cold feet here too! Except on special occasions, and still the shoes don't stay on for long. :)

the clemensuz said...

Oh geez...I cringed a little just reading that comment. I'm totally one of those mommies...and learning to be okay with it :) Even at 6 months Jonas has this uncanny ability to get his shoes and socks off within minutes...quite impressive, really!