Friday, September 4, 2009

1 whole month

Corrinne will be one month old at 6:00 this evening! I can't believe it. Mainly because I can't believe 4 weeks has passed since she entered our world yet it seems like just yesterday I had her. But then I also can't remember what our lives were like before she arrived. The irony of parenthood.
Yesterday I commented on how before she was born, I had thoughts of how things might have been easier if I hadn't been pregnant at the time. Like moving, taking Cash out to play in the summer heat, walking up the stairs, etc. But since I met my brown-eyed beauty I've never once thought of how our lives would be easier if she weren't here. I seriously cannot imagine a world without both of my kids. (The fact that I now refer to them in plural still freaks me out at times.)
Now don't get me wrong - things are definitely not easy. There are moments when our world is at peace (like now - both kids are napping allowing me the time to post this blog). But usually one or the other - or in a lot of cases - both kids need my attention. And they need it RIGHT THEN. We've had our share of cry-fests. All 3 of us. But the heart-warming moments far outnumber them. Like yesterday when I got to hear Corrinne's first coo's. Or every morning...and after every nap time...and several other times throughout the day when Cash just has to stop what he's doing to give her a hug and kiss.
Before she was born, in those moments of doubt, I told myself that we'd just learn to adjust and go on. And adjust we have...I've figured out how to nurse Corrinne while feeding Cash. We read lots of books together during Corrinne's meals and Cash has even learned to help me with her diapers by throwing them away after I change her. (Although there was one unfortunate instance where he returned from the trash can licking his yogurt container from the night before!) I've managed to get a shower everyday and have even been able to make it to church alone with the kids. (Thanks to some help from my brothers/dad.) Corrinne is nursing and sleeping well - last night she even gave me a 7 hour stretch! Better days (or nights, rather) are on their way...
It looks like we're gonna make it. :)

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