Thursday, September 10, 2009

Highlights from this week...

Corrinne had her 1 month visit this week and is apparently nursing well since she's now over 11lbs! She's also 22 inches long, putting her in the 75th percentile for height and 90th for weight. Girlfriend loves to eat! :)
(As you can see by the multiple chins in this picture.)

As of Friday, Cash is 16 months old! Can you believe it?! He's practically running now and has even started talking a little. My personal favorite is his nickname for Corrinne - "Ninn". :) He's still doing really well with her, although I did find myself saying "We don't hammer our sister." as well as, "We kiss with our lips, not our teeth." this week. Its a work in progress.

We've got some smiles! And lots of coo-ing, especially when she sees herself in the mirror. Ha! My mom says she's definitely my child. I'm not sure what she means by that... ;)

This has become one of my favorite pictures! It was taken just before we left to go to my brother, Griffin's, varsity football game. He's starting linebacker this year and playing very well! We really enjoyed watching him play and hearing my other brother, Landon, play in the marching band. I will say, being at the game made me realize a few things: 1. I really don't want that cheerleading coach position I considered applying for earlier in the week. 2. My daughter won't be allowed to just wear her sports bra anywhere in public -- even (especially!) if she has "GO DC" painted on her tiny little belly. 3. Its been 8 years since I was cheering on that track in an itty bitty little cheerleading skirt. It seriously feels like yesterday...

I found some awesome stuff at our community yard sale this morning. I spent a total of $81.50 and got this lovely chair (being modeled by Cash), 3 shirts 3 outfits and a sweater for Corrinne, and a lamp for her room. Score!!!!

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