Thursday, September 24, 2009

BFF for LIFE, those two.

Cash decided last week it was finally time to hold his sister - I mean, it only took 6 wks for him to come to that conclusion. (Honestly though - I was kinda glad it took 6 weeks!) So we did what all good parents do in those situations....we propped that girl up next to him and let him love all over her. :)

It was really one of the most precious moments. It was so cute to watch him pat her on the head, kiss her forehead and my favorite - take her tiny hand in his and kiss it - something that Mommy & Daddy do a lot to Corrinne. :) She's really started noticing when Cash is around and he can get the biggest smiles out of her.

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Simplicity said...

These pictures are way too precious! I have tears in my eyes...they will always be best friends!