Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first blog award...

Awhile back, I was awarded the very prestigious blog award that you see below. Thank you, Thank you! This is so unexpected! I don't know what to say...thank you to my beautiful children for giving me material to blog about on a daily basis, my loving husband for not getting angry when I choose to blog instead of watch TV with him, and Laura over at Lilly Loves for nominating me! :)

Apparently this award comes with some requirements...

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award. Check!

2. Pass this award onto 5 blogs that you think are fantastic. Check!

I nominate:

Annie - Life As We Know It

Dad - Just Thinking

Meagan - My Lipstick Diaries

Ashley - Sommer Family

Amanda - The Dunaway's

3. Contact blogs and let them know they've won. Check!

4. State seven interesting things about yourself that people may not know.

Let see if I can come up with 7 "interesting" things about myself...

1. My full name is longer than the alphabet.

2. Most girls try to grow long nails...not me. I hate the feeling of having long nails. I trim them frequently.

3. My favorite cosmetic item is mascara! It would definitely be my "stranded on a deserted island" item and I've been tempted to put it on my kids several times. Yes, even Cash. Have you seen their lashes?!

4. When I was younger I would tan so well that a black boy in the 1st grade was convinced I was bi-racial! No wonder people ask me if Corrinne is too. :)

5. I am totally hair styling-challenged. I blame it on how fine my hair is, but its the main reason I usually keep my hair short. Poor Corrinne...

6. When I was 22 a woman prophecied over me. She told me God made me to sing and I should stop holding back for fear of people thinking I was just showing off, etc. I hear those words every time I get up to sing in church.

7. When I try clothes on in a store, if I like the outfit I do a little dance in front of the mirror.

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