Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silly Songs with Bethany

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I happen to be the kind of mom that makes up silly songs for and about her kids. It could be about anything - chubby legs, poopy pants, yummy rice cereal - most things pertaining to life with an infant have inspired a song by yours truly. And usually there's a dance involved but thats neither here nor there.
Anyways, tonight I caught Drew singing one of my gems to Corrinne. It was one composed for our first born that always made him smile and kick his legs. It is entitled, "Kick your legs!". (No wonder he kicked. Natural-born genius, I tell you.) After Drew finished singing he told Corrinne that I used to sing that song to her brother when he was her age and how much he enjoyed it (turns out, Coco does too!). I was surprised he remembered that and I asked him if he remembered any of the others. And he did!
I know that most of you will probably think I'm the biggest dork, but this blog was meant to serve as a way to remember this crazy time in our lives because I'm not so great at scrap-booking (actually, I pretty much suck at it - I had one of my fellow MOPS moms create the kids' birthday books for me. Yeah. Horrible.) and have proven to be just as lame at filling in their baby books. So lucky for you - you get to read all about it! Tonight I thought I would write down a few of the kids' favorites so that when Cash & Corrinne are 16 and 15 I can sing them when some boy or girl comes over. MWahahahahah!
And without further ado...

Kick Your Legs
Kick, Kick, Kick YOUR legs!
(In my defense, this was the first song composed when Cash was just a few weeks old and I was probably very sleep deprived and still taking pain meds for my c-section recovery - hence its simplicity.)

Casher Boy
Casher Boy, Casher Boy, You're my little precious baby, Casher Boy.
(I would occasionally substitute Pumpkin Pie for the words Casher Boy. Versatility at it's finest, folks.)

Corrinne Olivia Hollingsworth, she is a pretty girl! She has two dimples and big, brown eyes. Prettiest girl in the WORLD!

Coco, Corrinne
Coco, Corrinne! Coco, Corrinne! She's so cute! Coco, Corrinne!

Chubby Legs
Chubby legs, chubby legs! Our baby girl has got some chubby le-e-e-e-e-gs! Chubby legs, chubby legs! Our baby girl has got some chubby legs.
(This is to the tune of a Sunday School song - I think - but for the life of me I can't remember the title or words. Sorry!)

There are others that I can't take credit for but are favorites with the kids. I'll include those just for memory's sake...

Little Me
Little Me, little Me. Jesus loves little Me. My head, my feet, my smile so sweet. Jesus loves little Me.
(I sang this to Cash every night when I'd rock him to sleep. Even now he'll stop and listen intently if he hears me singing it to Corrinne.)

Silent Night
I won't include the lyrics because I'm sure you all know this one. I started singing this to Cash during his first Christmas season and for some reason it would always calm him down at bedtime. Still works like a charm...

They both love This Little Light of Mine, Away in a Manger, Zaccheus (thanks to Cash's awesome Wednesday night teachers!), and Deep and Wide. I can't wait to hear their little voices singing with me someday. :)

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Jodi said...

Have you looked into making your blog into a book? I just had my 2008 blogs put into hardcover form for Christmas! I love it!! No more guilt over not scrapbooking! No more guilt over baby books!