Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh Em Geeee!

If there has ever been a time in my life where I truly, 100%, without a doubt, absolutely HATE my hair, it is now. (Including the "I'm growing out my cute pixie cut" phase.) I blame it all on Drew. He's the one that talked me into growing my hair out after we reminisced about our honeymoon while looking at pictures of me with a ridiculous tan, long hair, and a flat stomach. Considering the long hair is the only attainable feature at this point I committed to growing my hair out. I immediately regretted that decision. If only I were a "celebrity" like Kate Gosselin and had the luxury of time and money (even though I have 6 less children than she does...) to sit in a stylist's chair for 20 hours and have extensions put in.
In other news, I finally (FINALLY!) got sick and tired of the pudge thats taken up residency on my body and I'm taking the Special K challenge! Starting tomorrow I'll be enjoying a bowl of Special K cereal for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch and sensible dinners everyday for 2 weeks. I figure its only 2 weeks. Anyone can commit to something for 2 weeks, right? Special K promises you'll lose up to 6 lbs, or a dress size in that 2 weeks. I'll let you know how it works for me.
I'm also proud to announce that Crying it Out worked wonders for little miss Coco and we have not rocked her to sleep since! I'm telling you -- the first nights the hardest but its get much easier really fast! She's also become somewhat mobile and now rolls all over the place to get to wherever it is she wants to go...we have found her under Cash's table and chairs, getting toys out of the basket in the play room, and almost under our ottoman. Its exciting to see her grow and develop, but a little frightening to consider we'll have 2 mobile children soon! Lord, help us!

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the clemensuz said...

My Drew and I had that exact hair discussion last summer. Soooo, I've been growing mine out...what a long process! I do like it, though, surprisingly. You can do it! And good luck with the SK diet!