Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Orchard 2009

Drew and I took the kids to Anderson's Apple Orchard last Wednesday and had so much fun! Cash really enjoyed having so much space to run (and being free from the stroller!). He had a little bit of confusion with the apples, thinking they were balls, so we had to keep telling him not to throw them. We also realized we should never ask him to say "apple" when we're at church. Sounds more like another word that'll get him in trouble for saying. ;)
I'm looking forward to taking them next year when Corrinne's old enough to join in on the fun. Next I'll have to post pictures of my first attempt at a 100% home-made apple pie...(Is it really sad that I'm almost 27, have 2 kids and have never made a homemade apple pie?!)

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