Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strange things are goin' on....

Minutes ago I uttered words I thought I'd never say: "I love the feeling of having a clean kitchen. It actually makes me sleep better at night." I feel victorious when I'm finally able to clean the teeny tiny little burnt on something off the stove. I've noticed I gravitate towards the home decor section in stores before making my way to the clothing (and even then I usually start out in the baby/toddler section). I've asked for throw pillows and curtains for Christmas. I look up decorating ideas online. I spend hours looking at paint chips trying to find THE color for the downstairs. I notice things like water spots on my kitchen sink and have actually cleaned the sink before doing dishes. I actually wanted to cook dinner for my family - complete with placemats and no TV around our dining room table - 3 times this past week instead of eating out. I realize these all may be common place for you, but it hasn't always been like this for me.
I retract my statement from a few years ago; Not only did I inherit my mother's "too fertile for my own good" gene, but I think I just may have gotten her "domestic diva" gene too!

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