Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots o' fun!

Last night we kicked off our Halloween festivities by going to our church's Harvest Festival. The kids looked adorable and Cash thoroughly enjoyed the Trunk or Treat. :)

Since we're hosting both of our families (at once!) for Thanksgiving this year, I thought it'd be nice to paint the first floor of the house beforehand. Especially since I knew Drew would be the one doing all the painting. :) He's already gotten a LOT done and I'm loving it! Here's a sneak peek into our new kitchen. Can't wait to show off the finished product!


life as we know it... said...

GREAT color... I can't wait to see the finished product :) You are an awesome decorator!! If you ever need a painting buddy, I do love to paint :) Just yell!

Simplicity said...

What beautiful babies! Truly Blessed is how I would describe you. :)

amanda said...

Is Thanksgiving at your house this year? Is it on Thanksgiving day? Hadn't heard the final details. Sounds like fun!