Friday, October 23, 2009

Blah Blah Blah!

Its been awhile since my last post. Probably because of my newly-acquired maturity causing me to spend my free time doing things like cleaning my kitchen, sanitizing our house from "viruses like the 2009 H1N1" (thank you, Clorox commercial that I see a million times a day), folding laundry, and daily personal hygiene.
So to catch you up...
Apparently whoever coined the phrase "Terrible 2's" wasn't a parent. Because from my personal experience, and other parents around me, the "terrible ___" phase begins roughly around the age of 18 months. Guess how old Cash is now....! Well, close. 17 months. He's started a month early and so we are not only dealing with the fun side of this age: talking (with my interpretation, of course), running, climbing (not sure thats on the "fun side" list), feeding himself, and the like; But also the really not fun side of this age: temper tantrums. He's a smart little booger and knows exactly what he's not supposed to do and the prime time to do those things - either when I'm nursing Corrinne or on the phone. :) Yeah. Any advice on this particular part of parenting would be greatly appreciated.
Corrinne is inching near the 3 month mark and seriously gained about 5 lbs overnight, it seems. She's got such a sweet smile and is very laid back. Which is good considering the paragraph I just wrote about Cash. :) She likes to lay on her back and roll from side to side and is starting to reach for her toys now. She also enjoys chatting a lot with mommy during our 5am feedings and loves anytime Cash is nearby. Well...I take that back. She didn't enjoy when he climbed on top of her last week to drive his car on her boppy while she was laying on it. Sorry, Corrinne! One things for sure - she's gonna be a tough cookie!!!
I realize I'm rambling and should probably go do some dishes and try to find something decent to wear. I had forgotten how hard it is to find clothes that fit properly post-baby. (Can I still be considered "post-baby" even though she's not technically a newborn anymore? Please tell me I can, otherwise I might cry because I feel like I still look 20 wks pregnant!)
Until next time...

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the clemensuz said...

Okay, we are seriously RIGHT there with you on the "terrible before 2's"...holy moly. I feel like I've been having this exact conversation over and over again with my mom friends who've been there before me. It's like the sweet angels wake up one day and decide to start exerting their own will...on overdrive! And then he goes to bed and I miss him :) Ah, mommyhood. Thanks for your post :)