Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Don't forget to take me with you!"

In case you haven't talked to us in the last 6 weeks or so - we're moving! Thats right...we didn't feel adding a second child 15 months after the first one was hectic enough for our lives so we decided to throw another humongous life change in just for the fun of it. So, Lord willing, as of next Friday (June 19th) we will be the proud new owners of a beautiful, 2-story house. I don't have any pictures right now, but as soon I do you can expect a post! Lets just say its a major upgrade in house for minimal upgrade in payment -- which is what I call a beautiful thing.

We were able to move because Drew's parents decided last summer they'd like to move out here and take advantage of the low cost of living. That, and there's this adorable little boy by the name of Cash they'd kind of like to hang out with. Oh, and their son lives here too. :) So we worked out a deal with them and they're actually purchasing our current home and will be taking care of that for us - God really worked it out for everyone's best interest. 

As if thats not enough excitement Drew's sister, Laura and her family are moving out too! We're really excited about adding the other branch of our family to the area and getting our kids together. Growing up, I didn't have cousins close to my age so I'm really excited that our kids will be able to take advantage of that and have both sets of Grandparents nearby. 

Keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks as we go through several transitions - all good, but slightly stressful. :)

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