Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well, Hello.

We are BACK! Cable guy came out yesterday and we are, once again, fully connected to the outside world. It was a long 24 hours but we made it. We went with AT&T U-Verse and let me tell you - I wasn't prepared for such a change. Mainly with the TV. We got the 200 channel package, however the "guide" lists every single channel available to mankind so you spend 20 minutes trying to find PBS.
(Seriously -- 200 channels?! Sounds ridiculous and I kinda think it is, but if we went with just 100 channels I wouldn't get my beloved TLC or Food Network. And I just wasn't sure what I'd do all day if I couldn't watch 15 episodes of  a Baby Story.) 
Anyways, on to my real reason for this post. 
Wednesday night was our last night in our first house. It was a rough night anyways because Drew had an overnight maintenance project at work so he was gone from 10pm - 4am. Even though we had a security system, I'm what some may call a chicken and HATE being home by myself...especially at night when all kinds of evil ensues. So my fear of some crazy stalker breaking in, raping me, and hurting my child overshadowed the reality of us moving the next day. I woke up on Thursday, went to my OB appt (everything looks good - I'll post about that soon enough) and then the moving commenced. Tony & Drew got 95% of the rest of the stuff out of our old house and into the new. I did a final walk-through that night to make sure we had what we needed for the evening and did not expect the tidal wave of tears that came almost immediately. It was just so weird seeing that house so empty. It was like a video montage of all the memories of that house playing in my mind: painting our room with Zach & Lilly the weekend after we closed on it, opening our wedding presents in the living room after returning from our honeymoon, hosting Thanksgiving and Easter dinners for my family, our first Christmas as a married couple, and then Cash's first Christmas. The tears really came when I walked by Cash's room and saw his "I am a child of God" on the wall above where his crib was. So many fantastic memories in that house and we were leaving it all behind.  
(Ok, so my in-laws will be living there and I'm sure we'll be back there on a semi-regular basis. So its not that bad. I realize this. But still.) 
For a split-second I was sad that we were going to be living in this fabulous, almost too-good-to-be-true new house. But I kept telling myself we'd make new memories. And since we plan on being here until Cash and Corinne both graduate from high school (at least) I'm sure the memories will be innumerable. (whoa. SAT word.) 
I was made certain of this when we pulled into the new driveway that same night. I was wearing my (ahem, maternity) swimsuit with nothing but a towel over me and had tear-stained cheeks and very puffy eyes when I noticed our new neighbor walking over to greet us! He's a really nice guy (and a cop, who parks his patrol car right in front of our house. Fine by me!) and introduced us to his 2 sons and wife. I just wish I hadn't been sporting a towel. That barely covered my belly. The only sigh of relief was that we hadn't seen our other neighbor that night - the pastor. 
Well I took care of making that encounter embarrassing as well when our neighbor "The Pastor" and his young family came by to drop off cookies last night. We welcomed them in, invited them to sit down and chat for awhile. Which was a very nice conversation...except that due to the extreme heat (as mentioned in a previous blog) I was wearing a tank top that mostly covered my pregnant bosoms. Normally I'm not a cleavage girl, but when its 90 degrees outside and "the girls" are ever-growing, its hard to contain them. It didn't help that when I asked Drew if I looked inappropriate his response was, "sometimes". Awesome.
"Welcome, Pastor Kip. Don't mind my cleavage." 

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Simplicity said...

PBS Indy: Channel 20
PBS Bloomington: Channel 30
Noggin (a must-have!): Channel 320
TLC: Channel 250

:)Welcome Home, Bethany and family! It looks like you'll have a nice cool "week before the 4th" as your first week in your home!