Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thoughts from today. In list form:

1. Spaghetti sauce isn't easy to get out of eyebrows. Please note that none of the sauce actually entered Cash's mouth...it was used merely as a facial mask of some sort and/or finger paint. 
And while we're on the subject, can I just say that when once I thought feeding Cash was difficult during the infant (6-9 month) stage - because of all the restrictions, choking, etc - I was wrong. Totally wrong. My child lives on cheez-its, yogurt, cheerios, french toast sticks, and milk. Sometimes he'll wow us by eating some chicken or grilled cheese. I'll be thankful if he sees his 2nd birthday...

2. I knew being pregnant during the summer would be different...but holy NIGHT! Its horrible. I sweat walking to the car. Yesterday, I was actually sweating INSIDE my house where the AC was blasting. Its like the scene from Father of the Bride Part II up in here. Cash & Drew wear their christmas jammies each night while I'm trying to figure out how I can wear the least amount of clothing without showing off any accentuated body parts. I just might start wearing my bathing suit everyday. For real. 

3. Tomorrow is the last day I will wake up and go to sleep in this house. Its a weird feeling. While we haven't lived here a really long time, we still have had some major milestones in this house: This is the house Drew and I started out in... This is where we spent our wedding night (blushing!!! don't read this Dad or Grandpa), This is where we brought Cash home from the hospital...we painted this house together, we planted flowers together. We made it ours. And I know we'll do that at this next house and surprisingly, when we're there it feels sort of like "home" to us already. And we'll bring Corinne home to that house in just a few short weeks, so we're already making memories there. 

4. We bought Corinne's bedding this morning. I got a killer deal on it too! Love amazon.com and their free shipping! This is what we've chosen for our little lady's room.  

5. I ate an entire carton of strawberries in one sitting tonight. Sorry, Drew. 

...and that pretty much sums up today for ya! 

I would've said something about how I watched the one hour Jon & Kate +8 episode where they announced their divorce tonight and how it really saddens me. It does. And I can't stop thinking about it. 

So I guess I did mention it.


Simplicity said...

So many wonderful thoughts, Bethany!

Spaghetti night in our house is always called bath night. I remember carrying each of the kids straight from the high chair to the bathtub...no stops in between. And that orange ring around the tub! Spaghetti night also makes for great pictures! I haven't been brave enough--or maybe the word is energetic enough--to just let Matthew go at it.

Move now before your kids have memories in the house too! We'll never be able to move from this house now...too many tearful objections when we bring up the subject.

I am sad about Jon and Kate too. When you have followed them and their babies from the beginning, it is heartbreaking to hear that they aren't going to make it. I was really hoping that their big news was going to be that they were going to stop filming so that they could work on their marriage. :( It makes me sick.

Are you moving in this heat?!
Let everyone do the outside work...you stay in and stay cool!

Meagan Maynard said...

I was prego in the summer too, I feel your pain! You crack me up. Oh and don't scare me on how the feeding gets harder!! yikes! Congrats on the new house, and as always, I envy your ability to remain cute while prego. :)