Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of Thanks - Day 6

Today was a looooong day. And not just because we got an extra hour, although that did play into why my day was particularly long. Long, annoying, frustrating story short - I had the kids all by myself all day, Corrinne napped all of 15 minutes, and Cash's whine fest continued as I chased Corrinne around my parents' house.

(Just to note, hanging out at my parents' between church and choir practice while Drew watched a football game with some buddies didn't sound all that bad when we planned it. Except that one major detail didn't work: Corrinne's nap.)

As a result, I had put on my grouchy face. I'm not proud of it, but it happens. I just needed a break. An hour of quiet where I could do whatever I wanted, which at the time was sitting on the couch and closing my eyes. So when I left my mom's house and Cash was talking non-stop in the back seat I was totally prepared to write my Day 6 post about how thankful I am for silence.  Silence is so rare around here that I truly cherish it and bask in it when it happens.

Corrinne had fallen asleep (PTL!) but Cash was going full blast: "I yike dis song, mommy." "Whas at, mommy?" "We go a church, mommy? Noooo. We go a Target??" Just on and on. Finally, I said, "Cash, why don't we just sit and listen to the music. Lets just be quiet for a minute." He responded so matter-of-fact, "No. I wanna talk." I kind of smiled and said, "What do you want to talk about?". "I wanna talk a mommy." I was instantly reminded that there will soon come a day where he won't want to talk to me about all the little things that fill his mind. Some day he'll start giving me one-word answers and grunts in response to my questions and I'm sure I'll wish I could relive these days of sweet, funny little things he comes up with.

In fact, during my ahem, meltdown, this afternoon he climbed up on my lap, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Its ok, Bethany. Daddy be here soon.". He's got such a sweet spirit and kind heart. What I need to cherish are moments with my son when his heart is the purest and his words the most honest...

... And so today, I'm thankful for my beautifully handsome, charming, hilarious, sweetheart of a son, Cash.

Isn't he the most adorable 2 1/2 year old you've ever seen? ;)

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