Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 12 (and 13. Shh!)

Yesterday was like one giant "favorite" for me.
Hung out with some of my favorite people (my sisters and Mom), at my favorite store (Target...and then some), and ate lunch at one of my fave restaurants (Paradise Bakery & Cafe). It was awesome and definitely needs to happen more often!

And so today, I'm thankful for the girls I go to first for advice, a good laugh/cry, or a necessary vent session - my beautiful, talented, hilarious, lovely sisters.

My sisters are the best! They make me laugh the hardest, can totally finish my sentences - they "get me", and can make me feel better about any situation. There are very few people who can be painfully honest with me without hurting my feelings and Megan & Ashley are definitely on that list!

They are gorgeous women who are even prettier on the inside and I treasure our friendship so much! I hope one day Corrinne has a sister so she can know how much fun it is!

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