Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 7

I'm just a little over half-way through Beth Moore's study on Esther and LOVING it! It's by far my favorite B. Moore study to date. The book of Esther is quite interesting (and dramatic) but what I'm loving so much about it is how Beth is relating it to other areas of our lives.

Last week she was discussing Reversal of Destiny. She went on to say that God often authors someone's Reversal of Destiny - she used the example of how shy and embarrassed she was of her horribly buck teeth that she would hide behind people and hated speaking and NOW look at her! Reversal of Destiny.

Esther's story involves quite a reversal. She was an orphan. Lost both of her parents at a very young age and raised by her uncle, Mordecai. She was also a jew in the Persian empire. BUT... in a her Reversal of Destiny, she became Queen of Persia. "The least of these..." into a Queen. Its awesome! But what struck me the most about that particular week was the discussion on the fact that Esther didn't have a mom growing up. She didn't have anyone to ask about makeup, how to do her hair... what did she do when she started her period?? It broke my heart. I envisioned my life without my mom. The thought brought tears to my eyes.

My mom and I are very different. While I tend to have more outgoing tendencies like my dad, my mom hates being center of attention. I have a need to get out of my house if I'm home longer than 2 days while mom loves the comfort of home. My mom sees all the details that I overlook. She's awesome.

And so today, I'm so very thankful for my beautiful mom.

I appreciate my mom so much more now than I did growing up. When you're a child/teenager you don't see all the little things moms do. Even as a young adult you don't realize. I honestly don't know that I did until I became a mom. (Just going through pregnancy and childbirth added a whole new level of appreciation!)

Mom helped Dad support a family of 5 on a very tight budget when they had us older 3 kids and Dad was in seminary (and us kids always had food to eat/clothes on our backs). My mom knows how to stretch a dollar and is the QUEEN of Bargains! She makes everything so much more special. Holidays aren't the same if they're not at my parent's house. She's my best friend, the one I call every day - whether its to vent about something, laugh about something or just to chat. She makes the best pot roast with potatoes and carrots and her laugh is one of my favorite sounds.

I can't imagine going through life without my mom! She's my sounding board, my confidante, the standard I hold myself to, and she's taught me so much about being a woman after God's own heart, a supportive wife, and a good mom who doesn't give up on her kids (I also inherited her "worry gene" unfortunately. ;) ) I hope and pray that one day Corrinne can say the same about me... and that my house will someday be as clean and home-y as hers.

Love you, Mom! :)

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