Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being thankful - Day 8

I remember when Drew and I were in premarital counseling, our friends Clint & Rachel gave us a pearl of wisdom that I had heard before - Love isn't always a feeling, sometimes its a choice. The butterflies don't last forever and there have been and will be times when loving Drew isn't easy (and most definitely vice versa). In those moments, we choose to love. 

The same can be said for many things in life, one being gratitude. Being thankful when everything's going perfect and even when they aren't going at all how you had hoped. Trust me, my day hasn't been the worst day ever known to mankind. But it hasn't been my favorite either.

Drew's working ALL day long - he left at 7 this morning and probably won't be home until 10 tonight. That seems twice as long when you're hanging out with toddlers... alone. I'm jacked up on Dayquil Cold & Flu and my kids have whiney attitudes to match their runny noses. I've already thrown my pity party so this is the point where I'm choosing to be thankful.

I am thankful, especially in this economic climate, that Drew has a steady job that provides more than just what we need. I'm thankful that he has a great work ethic and is respected by his coworkers and peers. And I'm very thankful for his paycheck that will purchase the delicious peppermint mocha I will treat myself to when the kids wake up from their naps. ;)

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