Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 16

Tonight I am very thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of this 10 week study on Esther I'm in, I would watch Beth Moore's enthusiasm and passion in awe of someone so in love with her Saviour. I started praying that I would know that kind of closeness with Him.

I'm so grateful for a God who loves me unconditionally - because there are moments... lots of 'em that I'm sure are disappointing to Him - and knows what is best for me, knew me before I had taken a single breath, and sees who I'll be 30 years from now. He knows each and every one of my children - those I've rocked and sang to, and those I've yet to meet. He knows who Cash & Corrinne will be as teenagers and is already preparing my heart for those tumultuous years of parenthood.

He saw my sin and yet died an excruciating death on a cross anyway, so I wouldn't have to.

That, my friends, is love.

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Allison said...

Loooove this! Thank you for such a great message on my Friday morning :) Enjoy your weekend!